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TraitsRole / Executive (no spoiler)
Role / Grandfather (no spoiler)
Subject of / Death (no spoiler)
Hair / Grey (no spoiler)
Eyes / Green (no spoiler)
Personality / Kind (no spoiler)

Role / Executive (no spoiler)
Role / Grandfather (no spoiler)
Role / Magician (no spoiler)
Role / Toymaker (no spoiler)

Subject of / Death (no spoiler)

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Harold Anderson

Harold Anderson
Harold Anderson 
Hair, Grey
Eyes, Green
Personality, Kind
Role, Executive, Grandfather, Magician, Toymaker
Subject of, Death
Visual novelsSide character - Seduce Me
Voiced byLee Turner


Your grandfather and the deceased CEO of Anderson Toys. He cared for you like his own daughter, and you always helped him with creating toys. A question still remains with the situation with you and your father, though: was there more to your grandfather than you had thought?

[From Kickstarter]