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v308.222018-11-14 at 07:06eacilBaldr FistReverted to revision v308.19 there is no reason to remove the current screenshots, even more when you add korean ones on an english oriented website
v308.212018-11-14 at 06:58ghktj509Baldr Fistadd Screenshot
v308.202018-11-14 at 06:55ghktj509Baldr Fistadd Screenshot
v21812.42018-11-14 at 06:38kivandopulusGen'ei Gaiden: Shinkinkandesc
v14292.72018-11-14 at 06:38kivandopulusGen'ei Choukyou Club 2desc
v2372.82018-11-14 at 06:38kivandopulusFind Love EX ~Mind Blowing~desc
v11662.42018-11-14 at 06:37kivandopulusNise Taxidesc
v7454.142018-11-14 at 06:37kivandopulusUtagoedesc
v7729.52018-11-14 at 06:37kivandopulusKyoukan ~Eien no Inochi o Motome~desc
v2378.82018-11-14 at 06:37kivandopulusFloreal ~Suki Suki Daisuki~desc
v8107.82018-11-14 at 06:36kivandopulusDrive Me Crazy!! ~The School of Pain~desc
v11451.62018-11-14 at 06:36kivandopulusDeepdesc
v9599.32018-11-14 at 06:36kivandopulusBagubeedesc
v17786.42018-11-14 at 06:36kivandopulusEnema 2desc
v22127.22018-11-14 at 06:32kivandopulusAmnesia no Hanataba o ~Parallel Story~desc
v15642.32018-11-14 at 06:32kivandopulusLilienthaldesc
v5771.82018-11-14 at 06:32kivandopulusTowa no Yakatadesc
v10030.52018-11-14 at 06:31kivandopulusLabrum ~Yasashii Kizu~typo
v10030.42018-11-14 at 06:31kivandopulusLabrum ~Yasashii Kizu~desc
s7526.42018-11-14 at 06:31novellaIchimichi MaoAniDB creator ID
v10023.52018-11-14 at 06:31kivandopulusKurumi-chan A-so-bodesc
v10716.62018-11-14 at 06:31kivandopulusBallerina ~Haitoku no Kurumi Wari Ningyou~desc
v20392.52018-11-14 at 06:30kivandopulusMaid no Susumewas wrong desc
v20393.42018-11-14 at 06:30kivandopulusGakuen Hyouryuu Senkidesc
v20392.42018-11-14 at 06:30kivandopulusMaid no Susumedesc
v15474.92018-11-14 at 04:03dungzoTorikago no Hime ~Zettai Ninshin no Shimai Etsujoku~added an english alias in the form of a translation along with an approximate length.
s9050.32018-11-14 at 03:59dungzoNikusyoAdded an alias and changed the primary alias to it as well. The name of his official blog is Nikusyo and his Twitter as well. I've also seen a few
c68611.82018-11-14 at 03:50mysteryp0rtalAkiba HiroHeight, weight, description, and extra traits
c427.62018-11-14 at 03:15canicheslayerKazami RinInvoluntarily funny.
c425.62018-11-14 at 03:14canicheslayerYuuki YamatoHe is involuntarily funny. He's always serious.
c5398.352018-11-14 at 02:51zakashiTsujidou Aitrait
c429.132018-11-14 at 02:48canicheslayerHiruko+1
c77228.12018-11-14 at 02:47x-rayjYoshino NamiAdded new character.
c77227.12018-11-14 at 02:45x-rayjKare (He)Add new character.
c5403.162018-11-14 at 02:44zakashiTsujidou Makototrait
c5403.152018-11-14 at 02:43zakashiTsujidou Makototrait
c5301.292018-11-14 at 01:32gregoryMamiya Marie+2
c69900.62018-11-14 at 01:10batooGirl+1 trait
v2074.52018-11-14 at 01:07kominarachromerHina-chan no Himitsudescription edit
v18694.202018-11-14 at 01:06gregoryOnii-chan, Kiss no Junbi wa Mada Desu ka?English image
v22603.402018-11-14 at 01:05gregoryMirai Radio to Jinkou-batoEnglish Image
r57021.22018-11-14 at 01:01gregoryMy Girlfriend is a Mermaid!?Estimated date link
r57076.32018-11-14 at 01:00gregoryMy Girlfriend is a Mermaid!?May be december or january link
v22163.72018-11-14 at 00:57gregory1st Degree+2
v22163.62018-11-14 at 00:56gregory1st DegreeVA
c77226.12018-11-14 at 00:56gregoryExtra FemalesVoiced background characters
c77225.12018-11-14 at 00:56gregoryExtra MalesVoiced background characters
s17516.12018-11-14 at 00:55gregoryRiley JonesVA
s17515.12018-11-14 at 00:54gregorySpencer BedlamVA
s10594.22018-11-14 at 00:53gregoryKuyalaw VATwitter