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c11762.212018-12-13 at 00:26batooSenoo Tsugumi+1 (last for today ^^')
c11762.202018-12-13 at 00:25batooSenoo Tsugumi+1
c11762.192018-12-13 at 00:23batooSenoo TsugumiUpd.
c11763.152018-12-13 at 00:20batooSenoo KazumiThe others too in the 100% good end but him its for all the ends (except the bad ones).
c11764.142018-12-13 at 00:17batooSenju Shizuka-1 & +2
c11762.182018-12-13 at 00:14batooSenoo Tsugumi+1
c11763.142018-12-13 at 00:14batooSenoo Kazumi+2
c11763.132018-12-13 at 00:12batooSenoo Kazumi+4
c11771.62018-12-13 at 00:11batooKondou Miki+1, can't tell if she is a virgin or not because I don't remember at all x)
c11772.52018-12-13 at 00:10batooHonma Naoko+1
c45928.132018-12-13 at 00:08batooIgarashi JunShe is the only character who is NOT infected even after a thousand gang rape (*0*)
c11764.132018-12-13 at 00:06batooSenju Shizuka+1
c11764.122018-12-13 at 00:01batooSenju Shizuka+1
c11762.172018-12-13 at 00:01batooSenoo Tsugumi+1
c11764.112018-12-13 at 00:01batooSenju Shizuka+1
c11772.42018-12-13 at 00:00batooHonma Naokoupd
c11771.52018-12-12 at 23:58batooKondou Mikiupd.
c11764.102018-12-12 at 23:58batooSenju ShizukaUpd.
c11763.122018-12-12 at 23:57batooSenoo Kazumi+4
c11762.162018-12-12 at 23:57batooSenoo Tsugumi+3
c11763.112018-12-12 at 23:54batooSenoo Kazumi+1
c11763.102018-12-12 at 23:54batooSenoo Kazumi+2
c11763.92018-12-12 at 23:53batooSenoo KazumiUpd.
c11591.82018-12-12 at 23:50batooMinami Satsuki...
r51354.52018-12-12 at 23:47beliarArcade SpiritsEarly Access doesn't seem to be available anymore. Release date has been announced.
c63504.72018-12-12 at 23:28batooAmami Yuuto+1
c63514.122018-12-12 at 23:28batooAmami Marika+1
v17655.232018-12-12 at 23:17balabubaMemory's DogmaDon't edit this anymore, please. Even if it took you over 10h it's not that long, data doesn't lie, this time I'll provide hltb as well as steamspy
c77461.52018-12-12 at 23:11gvbnKazami Norikoslim
c77460.42018-12-12 at 23:10gvbnSakuma Rikanot really a spoiler
c77462.42018-12-12 at 23:06gvbnShidou Akiratanned
c77461.42018-12-12 at 23:06gvbnKazami Norikotraits
c77462.32018-12-12 at 22:58gvbnShidou Akiratraits
c77464.32018-12-12 at 22:52gvbnKuroyanagi Hiroshitraits
c77460.32018-12-12 at 22:50gvbnSakuma Rikatraits
c77465.32018-12-12 at 22:38gvbnJinguujitraits
c25470.62018-12-12 at 22:35gregorySegawa YoshikiVoice
c25470.52018-12-12 at 22:29yukinokurousagiSegawa Yoshikiadd trait
c23188.82018-12-12 at 22:29yukinokurousagiSegawa Erikoadd trait
c23188.72018-12-12 at 22:28yukinokurousagiSegawa Erikoadd trait
c17967.62018-12-12 at 22:17batooTakahata Chiharu+4
c77463.32018-12-12 at 22:13gvbnTachibana Misaadd
c64264.62018-12-12 at 21:52batooEda IchioUpd.
v19922.82018-12-12 at 21:45wakaranaiAneTra! ~Onee-chan to H na Training~staff
s4128.22018-12-12 at 21:44wakaranaiNanami Yuuriadded alias (link)
c51587.52018-12-12 at 21:42wakaranaiHasumine Nanamiimg, traits
c51586.32018-12-12 at 21:38wakaranaiTakahata Itsukitrait
c51586.22018-12-12 at 21:38wakaranaiTakahata Itsukiimg, traits
s17676.22018-12-12 at 21:37terios121Koyama HaruSpacing.
v22252.82018-12-12 at 21:37gvbnIe no Kagiadd