Trait: Wingman

Trait deleted

This trait has been removed from the database, and cannot be used or re-added. File a request on the discussion board if you disagree with this.

Trait: Wingman

Traits > Role > Relationships > Acquaintance > Friend > Wingman

Wingman is a role that a person may take when a friend needs support with approaching potential romantic partners.

This character (male or female) may be aware that he is used to advance the relationship between the two other characters because he has proposed it himself or because another character has asked him to render this service.

It may also be that he does not know that he is used for these purposes.

He is not necessarily sexually involved with the protagonist / hero / heroine he is helping.


I don't have qualms about denying this trait. It's pretty vague how the trait should be used and what constitutes "support with approaching potential romantic partners". I gather there are very few characters who actually actively help their friends get with their crushes in VNs. And if the character is oblivious about the help they provided, then the trait shouldn't even apply. Personally I would have no idea how and when to use the trait correctly, hence I'm deleting it. Batoo, every little thing someone does in a VN does not necessarily justifies creating a new trait.