Trait: Fake Lover

Trait deleted

This trait has been removed from the database, and cannot be used or re-added. File a request on the discussion board if you disagree with this.

Trait: Fake Lover

Traits > Role > Relationships > Fake Lover

The characters with this trait claim to be lovers for a variety of reasons.

Attention! If this trait is used on a character, it necessarily affects the other traits related to some romantic type of relationship, making them false.


I'll quote Warfoki: "My first guess upon seeing it that this character pretends to be the lover of someone to use said someone for their own goals." That's also exactly what I thought. Anyway, the trait seems to be designed to be very broad. Too broad. I would rather not have it, than have it and be misused.

Fake Boyfriend
Fake Girlfriend
Fake Husband
Fake Wife