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#1 by metaler
2010-12-16 at 09:23
I started reading SubaHibi this week, and finished the first part of the game, and now I'm wondering just what the hell happened at the end with Yuki and Zakuro? They took some kind of train with some stuffed toys, and then what? Is it like Higurashi, where the world sort of restarts and such? Also, I didn't really understand the conversation between Yuki and Zakuro at the rooftop. About the inner world and outer world. In short, just what was that all about?

Also, I'm reading the game using ITH (something similar to AGTH) and ATLAS. Do you guys think I'll be able to understand the story (or most of it)? Or should I just get off my lazy ass and learn Japanese.

Man, this VN sure seems good.
#2 by yeah321
2010-12-16 at 10:21
Continue reading, I could tell you the meaning of the first chapter but it would spoil you. Things might confuse you in the first few chapters, but after you're halfway through it, things will make more and more sense.

Don't worry as the first chapter can be neglected, not that important, and more like just a "dream".
#3 by metaler
2010-12-18 at 04:38
Hmm, I see. Thanks for clarifying it for me. Now that I think about it, the purpose of mindrape is to confuse the reader, so yeah.

And there's nothing better than mindrape. XD

Also, off-topic, but Yuki's awesomeness is beyond the impossible! <3
#4 by ice
2010-12-18 at 05:54
Learn Japanese.
#5 by metaler
2010-12-18 at 08:15

I knew someone would say that. XD
#6 by caesarpk
2010-12-27 at 05:29
Yuki is perhaps one of the best character I have ever seen. Just...so cool.
This visual novel just blows ur mind in the end. So don't read any spoilers.
#7 by metaler
2011-01-01 at 06:26

Hell fucking yes. Yuki is incredibly badass and hot. Damn, we need more rock girls in VNs.
#8 by sunclaudius
2012-02-18 at 03:42
The Artwork And Yuki Voice is Sync With Scene in Down To Rabbit Hole ^^a
Gyaaaaa Yuki >.<


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