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#201 by harleyquin
2017-06-16 at 14:29
Amayui Castle Meister

"I am the manager of the "Path of Overflowing Spirits" who plays with the pathetic lost souls in my domain. I am merely a criminal who fulfils her responsibilities and yearns for forgiveness yet fully aware absolution will never be granted."Last modified on 2017-06-16 at 14:30
#202 by infernoplex
2017-07-09 at 12:33
Kyuuketsuki no Libra

"I think the secret of a happy marriage is for the husband to be under his wife's ass, literally."
#203 by guest93
2017-12-17 at 21:04
Kujiragami no Tearstilla

The only thing I had in my pockets was the underwear of my younger sister.
#204 by seniorblitz
2017-12-28 at 05:35

Oh No you didn't. De-su my ass-u.
#205 by seniorblitz
2017-12-31 at 21:34
"This isn't the right time to Tell him that Eri gets Turned on by Taboo relantionships"
#206 by seniorblitz
2018-01-02 at 14:33
"In a gal game, sincerely aiming at the heroine you choose is the accepted pratice, the dogma, it's madatory."
#207 by guest93
2018-01-20 at 15:16
Kujiragami no Tearstilla

If you don't get angry, I can't show you my panties as apology!

Use just the "vXXX" number on its own for "Name" instead of "link"Last modified on 2018-01-20 at 15:22
#208 by seniorblitz
2018-02-10 at 12:35
Apathy - Midnight Collection ~Vol. 1~

"Don't be silly. Porn holds more value than art."
#209 by seniorblitz
2018-02-13 at 02:30
Kemomimi Harem Vacation ~Inaka de Nonbiri Mofumofu Kemonomimi Shoujo-tachi to Kozukuri Zanmai~

"I demand you to do the Moe-Moe Kyun for me!!"
#210 by seniorblitz
2018-03-06 at 21:50
Sorcery Jokers

"Why didn't you cum inside me?! fucking die!"
#211 by loctar87
2018-03-31 at 05:27
Sansha Mendan ~Rensa Suru Chijoku Choukyou no Gakuen~

"Sex... by myself?! U-Um, y-you... y-you want me to have sex all by myself?! Eh?! B-But how?!"Last modified on 2018-03-31 at 05:39
#212 by seniorblitz
2018-04-10 at 21:42
Lamento -Beyond the Void-

"You sourpuss."
#213 by guest93
2018-05-27 at 12:06
Zutto Sukishite Takusan Sukishite

永遠「NO萌え、NO兄 ! NO LIFEぅぅ~~~~っ!!!!!」
>> "No Moe, No Brother, NO LIFE---!!!"

>> "Raika-san, saying "Manko" is shameless! Add an 'O' atleast."
#214 by fuukanou
2018-05-27 at 17:57
#213, damn I can't believe I finally found someone posting a quote that I actually remember
#215 by kei-tr
2018-07-24 at 14:23
As far as I know there isn't even a single addition since at least 1.5 years. If admin decided to stop adding new quotes he should inform us so we don't suggest new quotes pointlessly.
#216 by yorhel
2018-07-24 at 15:06
I very much intend to add them, but it's not exactly a priority.
(In fact, I have a few more of my own that I hadn't added yet).
#217 by bobopop
2018-08-07 at 15:17
"Mikako, don't let that dick escape!"
#218 by warfoki
2018-10-17 at 00:16
11eyes -Tsumi to Batsu to Aganai no Shoujo-

"I want to become an encyclopedic, morally corrupt, audaciously arrogant, phenomenally narcissistic woman just like her!"
#219 by warfoki
2018-11-03 at 05:20
Here's two more from 11eyes -Tsumi to Batsu to Aganai no Shoujo-:

"Sometimes love just starts off with some good, old-fashioned rape, you know?"

"I couln' believe all the happiness flowin' up from inside me as she chased me with her giant, deadly knives."


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