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#1 by namiultedjapan
2018-05-04 at 13:37
I wanted to thank the creators of this wonderful visual novel. The voices in my head have finally stopped screaming at me. 10/10
#2 by harp
2018-05-04 at 13:45
If you want to thank them you might want to thank them somewhere they're likely to see. Most are on Twitter so you could just send a tweet or two, and tag them with the creators. That way, they're more likely to see your thanks.Last modified on 2018-05-04 at 13:46
#3 by namiultedjapan
2018-05-04 at 14:13
Tis' but a joke my dear lad
#4 by harp
2018-05-04 at 14:27
Ah, I guessed as much, but seeing as the sales weren't that good, some encouragement might fit well for Keromakura.
#5 by namiultedjapan
2018-05-04 at 14:30
oh really? I didn't know the sales weren't that good. I think I will make sure they see my appreciation. Thanks for the info lol
#6 by harp
2018-05-04 at 16:58
Yeah, Sca-Di even complained about it on Twitter lol.
I guess they were hoping for more sales outside of the Kickstarter.
So Sakuuta and other stuff is sorta unlikely right now. Hopefully they'll do one for Sakuuta though.
#7 by namiultedjapan
2018-05-04 at 17:01
well damn. Now I'm just sad :(
#8 by aquahorse
2018-05-04 at 17:51
#7, stop spamming!


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