Kimika's real purpose

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#1 by bardock123
2018-08-28 at 20:59
So who exactly is she?in the end sky 2 ending she is not shown as being represented by Ayana. Is she just another fictional character created by Ayana? Also any reason why her endings are different compared to the rest?
#2 by kominarachromer
2018-08-28 at 21:16
If I remember correctly, she isn't portrayed as being Ayana because she's not a protagonist. Ayana is (partially) supposed to represent the player living through the perspective of each of the characters; kind of like Blick Winkel.

If we take Subahibi as an allegory, Kimika is supposed to represent a wild card that can either be a positive or negative influence on your life.

In LGI, she plays the role of a sympathizer to Zakuro's plight. If Zakuro puts her trust in Kimika, most of the future negative events of the game can be avoided at the cost of the lives of both Yuuki and the old Yuki.
In IMOI, Kimika is heavily implied to not give a single shit about Takuji's cause; she just wants to see everybody who wronged Zakuro suffer. In a way, she also resembles Takuji; since the two of them were powerless to do anything about Zakuro until after she was dead, and she seems to be really the only person that Takuji actually trusts.
She also resembles Hasaki in appearance, but I'm still trying to unpack that one.
#3 by sjh123
2018-08-28 at 22:23
Thanks for the response, it helps clear things up a bit.
Its kind of hard to think too much about it because in the end this is all of Ayana's delusions due to her disease but I always felt Kimika was different then the rest of the cast.
#4 by sjh123
2018-08-31 at 01:18
Regarding her appearance to Hasaki, Hasaki is a character made to make sure Tomosane achieves his Wonderful Everday, similar to what Yuki and Ayana are created for. I think for Kimika it might be flipped around, meaning her routes were made to make sure Kimika gets a WE ending. Granted she did die in her ending with Takuji but it definitely wasn't a sad death and her ending with Zakuro seemed to be the goal she was aiming for.

Ayana's appearance in the Kimika ending with Zakuro is odd compared to her other appearances, she almost seems confused as to what has happened, she recognizes the choice Zakuro has made but doesn't completely understand it.

It broke the loop but not in the way that it is supposed to happen. Using your allegory by saying she is a wild card makes sense but I would say she represents something like a good luck charm. If you keep it close to you something good is bound to happen, that being represted in Zakuro's WE ending.

A bit long but this game has a lot to chew on so I thought I would let some of it out here.
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