Minakami Yuki: cool or COOL?!

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#26 by engix
2012-10-14 at 04:23
Reminds of SOMEONE Its you, i wonder who it could be.Last modified on 2012-10-14 at 04:27
#27 by azusa-nakano
2012-10-14 at 04:30
Yes I knew someone was going to say it.
Also Weren't we told not to use the spoilers unless it spoils something?
#28 by nachtwandler
2013-01-20 at 15:08
She didn't impress me much in Down in the Rabbit Hole I but i see the potential. And I really love Rino Kawashima's voice
#29 by madotsuki
2014-09-06 at 21:44
Wanna have a real blast? Go out with her. The best heroine experience I've ever had.Last modified on 2014-09-08 at 07:19
#30 by veronin
2014-09-07 at 10:14
yuki and kimika are both qt as hell, but yes, the best character overall is definitely tomosane or ayane. they are what make subahibi something truly special.
#31 by zeality
2014-09-10 at 22:58
I second Veronin's opinion. While Yuki and Kimika have a lot of the main 'appeal' as characters throughout Subahibi, I'd think the 'best' characters are something more along the lines of Ayana, Tomosane, and/or perhaps Takuji. Also did I ever mention before just how much I absolutely adore this Visual Novel?! <3 Seriously...
#32 by evanescentblade
2014-09-11 at 04:25
I'm surprised no one gave SubaHibi the Delusion tag until recently (by me).
#33 by madotsuki
2014-09-11 at 06:58
Wow, congrats. Now it's nothing short of a piece of redundancy. I'll give you a clue why. It's already marked as Denpa and such. Honestly, keep your hands to yourself.
#34 by evanescentblade
2014-09-11 at 23:58
Geez, I'm sorry. I thought Denpa just referred to horror elements and not necessarily delusions. Guess I was wrong. If I sounded self-important, I'm sorry for that, too. No need to respond like that. I do think though that the Delusion tag may be helpful for people who don't know what Denpa is or means.

Edit: And you really had to go out of your way to remove the Delusion tag? I mean, I don't see the problem with including it.Last modified on 2014-09-12 at 00:13
#35 by madotsuki
2014-09-12 at 09:38
Look, it's really relevant. And I'm grateful for your attention to the game which I can't help but keep treating as the holy cow of VNs. However, a plethora of events that genre does to get your wow effect still can be explained through mental disorders. Wouldn't it be nicer if a reader was unaware for sure? Instead of seeking logical explanations just let yourself be overwhelmed by surreality of events? In my opinion, this is that makes up the lion's share of ecstasy from SubaHibi. And because of that, I can't tolerate anything that can spoil impressions from it. Gosh, I'm really jealous of the people who will discover it inadvertently. At least try to hide it if it's possible. Hope I've made my point. So please, don't think badly of me.
#36 by evanescentblade
2014-09-12 at 14:44
I don't think badly of you, and I know how you feel since I'm also a fan of SubaHibi. But I was just kind of annoyed because of your mocking tone and "keep your hands to yourself" comment. As passionate as you may be about SubaHibi, it doesn't mean you should be rude to someone who does or says something in regards to the VN that seems disagreeable to you.

Next, I can agree that it's best to go into SubaHibi without knowing anything about it (actually, that applies to any great story). But alas, the tags exist, and for good reason. If you think the Delusion tag spoils impressions, why don't you say the same about like half of the other tags (Denpa, Madness, Philosophy, Bullying, Suicide, Torture, Rape, etc)? Especially Denpa, since as you said it makes Delusion somewhat redundant (implying that they are similar).

Delusion hardly spoils much about the story, as compared to lots of the other tags. Heck, the word "delusion (mousou)" itself is said multiple times throughout the story, even in the early chapters as well.

And those are my 2 cents.Last modified on 2014-09-12 at 14:45
#37 by madotsuki
2014-09-12 at 16:32
Actually, feel free to. We're in primeval Ukraine rarely mind our tone. Again, I don't oppose the tag itself. It just that you've made it very visible. Yes, Delusion has a very important meaning. Blurring the boundaries between truth and fantasy is one the of main motives of the game. And I want it to be just slightly less explicit.
#38 by evanescentblade
2014-09-12 at 19:39
Well, maybe you should mind your own tone a little more regardless of location, in consideration of other people.

I honestly don't see the big problem here (I thought "delusions" throughout the story myself; I'd think it's a rather normal and obvious thought to have, given the scenario). And that didn't detract from the experience at all, since just knowing delusions doesn't undermine the theme of truth vs. fantasy, real vs. unreal. Which scenes are delusions? Are they even delusions to begin with? What if the delusions are actually real? And so on.

If you don't want the Delusion tag to be so high up there, then fine. But I'd appreciate it if you could give it at least a "small" rating, so that people who read Chaos;Head, Oretsuba, and Chaos;Child and like Delusions can just click the Delusion tag and find SubaHibi (or vice versa: people who like SubaHibi can click the tag and find other Delusion stories), since there may be no Denpa tag readily seen or a delusional visual novel doesn't have that tag.
#39 by madotsuki
2014-09-12 at 20:28
It is. But some things are better left unsaid! Well, why not. You made me smile with your delusional sequence.
#40 by supervamp78
2015-03-15 at 07:13
Yuki is awesome because she has a funny personality.
It has nothing to do with her tits.


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