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#1 by metaler
2011-01-18 at 21:44
Wasn't this VN being translated by someone? I remember reading about it on a blog. Was the project dropped or something? o-o

And no, I'm not here to ask anyone to translate this. I just want to know what happened to the translation project, if it existed in the first place. Just mere curiosity of mine.
#2 by vdz
2011-01-18 at 22:32
Moogy tried translating it for a bit, but if you ask him, no project ever existed.
#3 by fujifruit
2011-01-19 at 00:10
He tried translating it but it was to hard and DEEP for him. Don't listen to the people who tell you "He respect Scaji to much!" its all a conspiracy!
#4 by metaler
2011-01-19 at 03:07
heh, even moogy has his limits, it seems. XD
#5 by bminorkey
2011-10-18 at 22:11
SubaHibi isn't at all an easy game to translate. It's not Cross Channel in that regard (not to offend Amaterasu - their work did not impress me), but any translation of it will inevitably diminish the impact of the unique narration and writing style. I understand why people want to read SubaHibi so bad, but I hope it won't be translated until someone who proves himself to be competent steps forward. It can be done, and done well, with a good translator who doesn't rush it.Last modified on 2011-10-18 at 22:12
#6 by sunclaudius
2012-02-18 at 03:44
Hmm.. data.arc File.. ^^
#7 by desi
2012-06-15 at 16:20
Looks like it is being translated :) link
#8 by surferdude
2012-06-15 at 16:31
Also from TLWiki:
"July 20th, 2012 - Tsui no Sora. Maybe you'll get something when it comes around?"

What is this supposed to mean ?
#9 by assassinator
2012-06-15 at 17:18
Tsui no Sora is supposed to be some (end of the world) event in the story which happens at that time... or so I heard.

I haven't actually read SubaHibi so I could be wrong. Wait until someone who's read the actual game drops by.Last modified on 2012-06-21 at 09:37
#10 by surferdude
2012-06-15 at 17:25
I see. I thought maybe they were also translating v3246 or something.
#11 by engix
2012-06-15 at 18:36
I heard this game is has a lot to do with philosophy and is really depressing. Not really my thing but im happy about a translation either way.
#12 by horseband
2012-06-15 at 20:02
Nice to see it got picked up again. Happy to see all these amazing VNs getting picked up in the recent months.
#13 by thajunk
2012-06-15 at 20:20
yea the VN trans scene really seems to be pickin up these days
good time to be a VN fan :D
#14 by engix
2012-06-15 at 20:22
Grisaia, Rewrite, Baldr Sky, Subahimi, Rance 6, Aiyoku, Dracu Riote, Fate/hollow(Yeah i know), Itoridori. Am i missing any other heavy hitters?Last modified on 2012-06-15 at 20:23
#15 by horseband
2012-06-15 at 20:43
Rancequest started up again.
#16 by moogy
2012-06-15 at 21:01
The original Tsui no Sora is not being translated. It sucks and vvav hasn't even played it. And well I sure don't want to do it.
#17 by engix
2012-06-15 at 21:36
@Horse i know, but its going at a slowwww pace. (not complaining though)
The list i made are VN's that will probably be translated in the next year or 2.Last modified on 2012-06-15 at 21:37
#18 by horseband
2012-06-15 at 22:21

Well it's been basically dead for quite some time. Hopefully it's back alive for good.

Don't forget Majikoi!. Also Majikoi S potentially too (link . He's doing the trial now and has all the tools required. Hopefully he'll move over to the game itself after the trial, but they've been adamant about staying silent on whether they plan on doing the full game or not. Probably depends on the reception they get from the trial.).

Little Busters EX (granted the normal game is already released)...

Daiteikoku. No progress update since March but it's 35% done and it's a solid VN from the people who make Rance games. It's not dead though because the TL'r posted on June 4th.

Period - 98.5%. So close to being released. Okay fine, it's not a heavy hitter like the others, but I wanted to mention this :P. I highly suggest people play this when it's released fully in the next few weeks.
#19 by engix
2012-06-15 at 22:33
Majikoi- Thats completely my fault, i cant believe i forgot about it.

Majikoi S- I didnt comment on it because the translator could still just dissapear into thin air. I havent heard of anyone confirming his translation saying its good or anything

Little Busters- The main game is out, even if EX doesnt come out im preety happy.

Daiteikoku- He did? Where? i checked the hongfire thread yesterday actually, and didnt see anything. I consider it dead/ inactive.

Period- Again i only put VN's im really excited about on the list. I still have to read quartet to see if i like the companies works.Last modified on 2012-06-15 at 22:38
#20 by desi
2012-06-15 at 23:51
Kind of going off topic... but I'm excited for the ones mentioned and Never7 and Shinikiss, both will probably come out within a few months. I'll pretty much take what I can get.
#21 by horseband
2012-06-16 at 02:40

Thanks for mentioning Shinikiss. I had never heard of that before now and after checking it out it looks pretty cool. It'll be a nice change of pace to read a VN that isn't 50+ hours. (The common route for Hoshizora is the same line length as the entirety of Shinikiss)


Yeah Period was more of a personal mention. I played the released routes and really enjoyed it. I've never read quartett (Doesn't look that interesting to me) but Period is pretty enjoyable.

Last edited by dene323; 06-05-2012 at 08:31 PM.

It wasn't a progress update, just an update saying a patch was released for the actual game. But it means that he hasn't completely disappeared or anything.Last modified on 2012-06-16 at 03:09
#22 by acewing905
2012-06-16 at 02:57
Majikoi S- I didnt comment on it because the translator could still just dissapear into thin air. I havent heard of anyone confirming his translation saying its good or anything
He has released a patch translating a tiny bit, namely the very small prologue that you have to read through before selecting a route. (The English screens I added to the Majikoi S page are using that) From that, the translation is pretty decent. And he is also posting about his progress along with screenshots in /vn/.
Even then, he still could just disappear after the trial, though, as he's stressing the fact that he hasn't decided whether to translate the full game.
#23 by encrypted12345
2012-06-16 at 06:35
^ If nothing else, it'll at least encourage someone else to translate the full game. The trial covers a significant amount of the whole VN after all.

Huh, Subahibi was picked up. That's nice; the more (well) translated VNs there are, the better.

In any case, I'll mention that 6 and 8 of the Sono Hara series are currently in editing and will probably be released soon. (A few months or so.) Well, probably. The website's down and all.

Oh, and I know it's not a big hitter or anything, but I'm looking forward to Dengeki Stryker. I liked the demo a lot, so I'll probably like the full game.Last modified on 2012-06-16 at 06:38
#24 by acewing905
2012-06-16 at 07:26
The trial covers a significant amount of the whole VN after all.
Isn't the trial just a small part of the common route?
#25 by engix
2012-06-16 at 08:27
@24 I read it was about 10% of the common route, though i could be wrong.


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