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#1 by miuuzick
2018-10-26 at 13:21
I started Looking Glass and there is a thing that bothers me in this game since the beginning : the homophobia. My problem with it is how casual it is and how it serves no purpose whatsoever.

There was the whole ''liking a girl even though you're a girl?" in the first chapter, then in the third, there was Yuuki calling the guys 'faggots', and when Kagami had to masturbate in front of Takuji's cult and they asked her to think of the most important person in her life she looked over at Tsukasa, Takuji first thought was "wtf that makes her a lesbian" like the fact that they were sisters was secondary problem. etc

I know there is worse in the game, but these things aren't glorified however, the homophobia is just treated casually as normal and not considered a problem at all. And you could remove it, it wouldn't change the plot whatsoever.

Am I the only one ticked off by it?
#2 by onorub
2018-10-26 at 13:50
I hope you update this when you reach Jabberwocky I.
#3 by syona
2018-10-26 at 14:13
Really, I always thought subahibi was more gay-accepting than anything considering there's so much lesbian romance. Also, a good part of it is just to prepare the territory for sex scenes.Last modified on 2018-10-26 at 14:13
#4 by miuuzick
2018-10-26 at 15:10
#2 -> you intrigued me. I'll definitely update if there is something then.

#3 -> Yeah, I guess for a Japanese game in 2010 it's not that bad considering there is the lesbian romance to balance things out, but it still bothers me. Thanksfully, it's not so bad I have to stop reading so it's ok.
#5 by kamenreader
2018-10-26 at 17:16
It's not because a work of fiction potray homophobic character that the work itself is, since when character should not have flaws or defect? Especially given that in two exemples that you give the characters being homophobic are also violent, cruel and somewhat crazy it's not treated as normal because those characters are horrible person
#6 by kominarachromer
2018-10-26 at 17:33
"b-b-but you're a girl!" is such a common trope in anything yuri that's it's almost comical whenever it comes up. I didn't really read Tsukasa or Kagami's routes, so I can't say much other than that.

I wouldn't really call the yaoi rape scene homophobic per se. Tomosane is very...abrasive, yes, but it makes a lot more sense when you get to Jabberwocky. That's all I'll say on the matter.

And Takuji is Takuji. You shouldn't be too surprised by anything he says.
#7 by ermellino
2018-10-27 at 21:07
Game is not homophobic. Some characters are. Bad, very bad (and stupid) characters.
Describe some bad people is normal for, you know, art.

Sorry for my lame English.
#8 by nihilloligasan
2018-10-28 at 04:43
i'm surprised you didn't mention that the first sex scene of the main route is a traumatic gay rape scene.

anyways, as everyone else has said, i don't think sca-ji is necessarily homophobic, he's just trying to portray the characters in a sort of realistic manner. japan hasn't come as far as the west when it comes to lgbt acceptance.

plus, in jabberwocky, you get introduced to the bar master, who is a gay crossdresser. while he's portrayed in a comedic fashion, he's also a good guy.
#9 by bobjr2000
2018-10-28 at 05:56
I agree with rest of statements above I don't think its a VN promoting homophobia but has characters in story that might be. Like Huckleberry fin nonsense being racist.
#10 by clorust
2018-10-28 at 14:41
Doesn't sound like much a problem to be honest. Otherwise you end up with a western VN situation where most of the characters are homosexual/bisexual. I'm sure you're not one to complain about "paedophobia" in visual novels, this isn't really much different. Both are similarly niche and uncomfortable territories for most people.
#11 by krykry
2018-10-28 at 14:58
Even now Japan is a much more conservative country than some of the West, despite all the samesex content that you can find as entertainment in manga and games.
It's up to you whether you like it or not, but that's the culture Japanese live in: traditional values are much more appreciated than in the West, and leftist liberalism is scorned by the society to a far higher extent.
TLDR: SJWs stay away or Japan will eventually hurt your feelings.Last modified on 2018-10-28 at 15:00
#12 by kominarachromer
2018-10-28 at 17:08
#10 I think you're overemphasizing the role of LGBT characters in EVNs. Sure, there's more of them than in Japanese VNs, but homosexual/bisexual characters in JVNs are almost always just there for fetish value and rarely to express any sort of message or theme. Most EVNs are either bishoujo or otome, and a good portion of the remainder are the same sort of GL or BL written by straight men and women respectively that the Japanese market is so full of.

#11 As I understand it, Japan isn't significantly more conservative than the US is. It's just that there's more people on the far left in the West than in the East.
#13 by clorust
2018-10-28 at 17:24
but homosexual/bisexual characters in JVNs are almost always just there for fetish value and rarely to express any sort of message or theme.
Most LGBT characters in EVNs only exist to fulfill cheap drama points or appeal to an audience most probably originating from Tumblr or other predominantly leftist audiences (just take a look at low effort shovelware like Butterfly Soup).

In JVNs there's usually a good explanation for what would otherwise be an over-representation of of LGBT characters (for example, it takes place in an all-girls college). While homosexuality is more prevalent in the west, it's still around 3% of the population of a country at best, this makes them much more common in EVNs than they probably should be. Still, I don't really care because I don't normally read EVNs.

I can't understand why anyone would take offense to homosexuality being viewed negatively in media originating from a country where it's viewed negatively.
#14 by syona
2018-10-28 at 17:35
By the way, SJWs definitely exist in Japan. While it's true that LGBT rights aren't as accepted as they are in the west, just because you haven't been exposed to japanese LGBT activists doesn't mean they don't exist. In fact the movement is only growing there.
You guys just don't see it because you probably only frequent places they wouldn't ever go to. There are countless on twitter, and quite a few LGBT japanese youtubers.
#15 by bobjr2000
2018-10-28 at 20:44
Japan does have a very liberal base but its much smaller and condensed. Japan has over arching traditional base that is conservative but its conservative to asia and japan. Which can be different than the conservative west or usa more specifically talking.

read story about student and employee not being hired or having to dye hair black because that is suppose to be traditional japanese. Even though the people only had natural hair color that just happen to not be black or dark enough.


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