Top 5 Things Lune Should do With the Kansen Series

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#1 by bookwormotaku
2018-10-31 at 07:38
Been a while and it may be a little more time till I get back into reviewing VNs, as a reestablishment of tradition here's a little Halloween special on the Kansen series in hopes Lune does continue the series:


Happy Halloween!Last modified on 2018-10-31 at 07:57
#2 by eiesoldar
2018-10-31 at 14:46
"Newly acquired series"? When did Speed go bankrupt?
#3 by bookwormotaku
2018-10-31 at 17:56
Yeah, due to bad info gathering on my part (and wanting to get this out in time for Halloween , I've found out that the connection between Lune and Speed is the former basically just acts as a selling proxy for them and I assumed they'd merged. My bad, but still please enjoy the list.


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