Announcing licenses before completing projects

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#1 by superangelo128
2018-11-02 at 19:59
Do you think localizing companies should only focus on completing their announced releases before getting/announcing more licenses?

I bring up this topic because I see this complaint all the time, but I've talked with Xeviax (the owner of Sol Press) and he's made a statement about this topic a few times:

" The licensing process can take upwards of a year before finalization for some titles. If you were to wait until the completion of the current catalog, that would leave the entire staff out of work for 8+ months. "

Basically as you guys figure theres many roles to a VN licensing company, whether it's marketing, translating, editing, QA/QC, TLC, programming etc.

His statement made me think that sometimes people expect VN licensing companies to be treated like a video game company or something where they only have one or two major announcements and then release before announcing something else.

However, Xev's statement made me realize that if you only focus on 1-3 titles at a time, there's gonna be people on the team who aren't going to be doing anything for a while. Sure they're likely contracts but ideally if you want to work for a company you'd want a job that at least gives you consistent work.

Translating, Programming, Edinging, QC, etc can all take quite a few months or so and the process of getting a license for a title could potentially be really long (or be a sunken ship).

So personally I think people who expect companies to only do a very small handful of statements should at least rethink their stance on this in regards to when licensing companies announce new projects before other ones are completed.

Of course, there is the possibility that only Sol Press and a few other companies even follow this philosophy and others don't.
#2 by ramaladni
2018-11-02 at 20:28
It's normal for a company to continuously acquire new licenses so as to remain relevant in the market. It's not really an issue of accumulating titles (well, it sort of is, if you really overdo it) but meeting fans' expectations and having to deal with that kind of pressure. This discontent most likely originated from certain companies' MO of starting as many projects as possible and making little progress with them.

Delays are inevitable and the company itself suffers the most when they happen. Because you can't really expect fans to be understandable, I'd say that only announcing when you're about to release or when you've hit a major milestone would be the smartest decision. I'd say that for both official localization companies and fan projects.

At the same time, SolPress is still a fresh face on the industry and perhaps an announcement of that scale was what they needed to get themselves on the map.

On the issue of freelancers...well, I'd say that hardly any translators/editors/QC in the eroge industry are full-time employees, at least to my knowledge.Last modified on 2018-11-02 at 20:28
#3 by kamenreader
2018-11-02 at 20:35
To me the problem is not that they announce, it's when they release game they gotten the license recently while the older projects are not advencing and/or we're not getting updates on theirs statues. This become even more gratting if the involved games come from the same original producer in that case then yeah even just announcing can annoy me little
#4 by periah250
2018-11-02 at 20:39
I think there is a balance for everything. Perhaps announce a few things you have and if you have others work on them silently before announcing you have the rights. DO NOT DO A SEKAI and announce you have the rights to a sequal of a game that hasn't even be made yet (Yes it is hyperbole but with sekai project...well I can see them doing something like this)


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