Abortion in vn?

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#1 by marantana
2018-11-02 at 21:49
Things being as they are, there's lot of unprotected sex with coming inside. Ok, that's what everyone expects and wants. In almost all vn they don't get pregnant even if they do it several times a day for prolonged periods of time.

BUT! whenever it does result in pregnancy, they marry.

Would it be such a problem in Japan or the US to mention an abortion in an 18+ VN? There's not even a tag for abortion, so I assume there are none whatsoever in the >23000 vns in the database.
#2 by minah
2018-11-02 at 22:00
There's a trait for it: Abortion
#3 by kozmo
2018-11-02 at 22:05
Kara no Shoujo?? linkLast modified on 2018-11-02 at 22:12
#4 by kominarachromer
2018-11-02 at 22:28
Regardless on your thoughts about it politically or ethically, abortion is very dark and serious subject matter that most writers don't want to touch with a 30-foot pole. Abortion isn't just rare in VNs; it's rare in most types of fiction.

Besides that, the sort of titles you seem to be referring to are pure love games. An abortion in one of those would be an awfully out of left field plot swerve, wouldn't it? If any mainstream eroge company tried to pull that, they would be committing financial suicide.

It's not as inconceivable in a drama-focused game, but again, it doesn't generally add anything to the story to have it in there. Why would you risk offending people by putting in controversial themes that won't add anything to the story?
#5 by marantana
2018-11-03 at 01:38
#4 -- You're absolutely right. I knew that too, of course, but still wanted to discuss it a bit, hoping to learn something first hand about Japanese culture. I've long been wondering how the Japanese youths actually handle certain aspects of partnership and sexuality, e.g .traditions against pre-marital sex, use of contraceptives, and so on. (As a side note: I also wonder if Asian women actually do make very different sounds than European or American women, as Asian rl-porn and - if ridiculously exaggerated - anime and vn seem to suggest.)

Regarding abortion and similar topics: I'd expect only good indie developers from countries with an open society, like Ebi-hime from England or Keinart Lobre from Spain, to pick up on such a topic. And of course in a drama and not in games like Boku to Koi Suru Ponkotsu Akuma. (which brought the thought to my mind).

#2-- My bad. I only looked in the tag list. ty.
#3 -- thanks!
#6 by bobjr2000
2018-11-03 at 03:08
Abortion is not something that is usually written in a light manner. Nukige with rape and sexual slavery doesn't really have a fetish that I know of. Nukige that is more vanilla would never really touch it and go pregnant route.Then the more story driven is usually less focused on sex and prefer to emphasis the plot rather than what could be extra drama. And sub plot/story that writters don't really care to dwell into and or give much focus.
#7 by warfoki
2018-11-03 at 03:58
Now that I think about it, I don't think I've ever read manga / VN or watched an anime where abortion was ever thing. Mostly because the ones that would feature such a thing are usually either go for hardcore realism or some really dark shit, both are themes I avoid like the plague. The only time anything similar happened, was a miscarriage in a bad ending of Yume Miru Kusuri.
#8 by encrypted12345
2018-11-03 at 04:00
@5 Manga occasionally references abortion as being an option, the serious ones that is. More likely than not, it's not taken. I think that it's something a lot of people normally take seriously even if there are a number of people that treat it a bit too ... casually.

I've seen a few Japanese works here or there that have the ghosts of fetuses that died in the womb, though those are obviously spoilers and said fetuses died due to causes other than abortion.

@6 Huh, it could be something in a guro game.
>Muhahahaha, watch as I rip out your husband's child before impregnating you with my own!

I wouldn't touch those with a 100 mile pole, but there's theoretically a fetish for everything...Last modified on 2018-11-03 at 04:01
#9 by warfoki
2018-11-03 at 04:05
I mean, yeah, there's a fetish for bloody everything. Licking doorknobs, having sex with cars, popping balloons, just to mention a few more... bizarre ones I remember coming across over the years. So I suppose there's at least one motherfucker outside somewhere for whom an aborted fetus is the hottest shit in the world...Last modified on 2018-11-03 at 04:06
#10 by kominarachromer
2018-11-03 at 04:43
#7 I remember at least one doujin where it was mentioned in passing that a female character was forced into having several abortions by her SO. The doujin was definitely on the darker side of the spectrum (it ended in snuff iirc) but the idea isn't entirely unheard of in otaku-focused media.

#8 thanks, i just remembered mai-chan no nichijou and now i have to bleach my brain againLast modified on 2018-11-03 at 04:44
#11 by warfoki
2018-11-03 at 05:01
@10 The funny thin about that is that mai-chan no nichijou is apparently getting a live action adaptation in Japan... Why...
#12 by sakurakoi
2018-11-03 at 05:15
^Why not~?


Sorry, I show myself out.
#13 by warfoki
2018-11-03 at 05:22
I mean, that's probably the most logical "reasoning" for this...
#14 by kiru
2018-11-03 at 11:20
Why there is no abortion in most eroge is obvious. "You" made her pregnant. Your "hard work" did. It goes completely against the self-insert idea to do something that would deny the player. And it's not like money or whatever matters here either.
So, if you want to find that stuff, it's probably best to look at game where a fetish is handled, where the player wants to feel bad and get denied. Like NTR. No idea if it's there, but it's more likely. As unneeded as it may be for those stories as well.
#15 by rusanon
2018-11-03 at 11:22
Why would you risk offending people by putting in controversial themes that won't add anything to the story?
Exploring controversial themes is one of biggest missions of literature and art in general.
And VNs are pretty much full of controversial shit.

Izuna Zanshinken featured abortion as main subject of one of its stories.
#16 by encrypted12345
2018-11-03 at 16:08
@15 I agree. It's why I'm an advocate for free speech in all but the most extreme situations (real 3D cp, real 3D guro, so on and so forth).

That said, there's some market incentive for not being too controversial, so it's a balancing act for artists.
#17 by marantana
2018-11-03 at 17:13
#15 -- yes! 100% agreed! (note to self: re-read r37235)

#14 -- It's not that I'm into it except from a feminist, socialist and anti-clerical pov. But that's good advice anyway, ty!
#18 by shining17
2018-11-03 at 17:28
An anthology by the name Silky Whip made by Oh! Great featured a slutty-type girl who has commited several abortions. His boyfriend often asked her for money, so in order to continually satisfy him she resort to prostitution that sometimes made her pregnant.

There are also two manga-style Indonesian comics that featured abortion. Sweetheart is one of them (I forgot the second Lol). Both dealing with romance, family issues and a 'lil bit fantasy but nothing too serious.
#19 by komocakeps
2018-11-03 at 17:53
abortion is not a very appealing topic to be very honest. sure it can cater to the hardcore fans and those who have already seen the worst shit, but that and mainstream fans are just few and far between.

and if you're running any business its best to remind yourself that you're doing this for money. and catering to the niche few hardcore fans is not the way to the money. and if there's anything to be learned in DDLC, is that catering to the majority of normies is the way to success.
#20 by erohatasensei
2018-11-03 at 19:53
Kara no Shoujo has it in full force.
#21 by encrypted12345
2018-11-03 at 20:48
@18 Maybe I'm getting the nationality wrong, but you just triggered my memory about the artist Kharisma Jati. His stuff is usually fucked up in general, but Conceived in the Dorm Room, Discarded in the Campus Restroom in particular is about abortion.
#22 by bobjr2000
2018-11-03 at 22:37
I agree with 19 I don't think its really a controversy thing as much as writers don't have interest in writing about topic to begin with. It can be handle in a less dark way then many of topics that are popular like murder. Even Disney had tv show for kids talk about abortion whether character would get one or not. If going for realism tons of stuff is left out and usually a good reason in almost all vn because it wouldn't interest audience.

A quick google search for most popular vn and only one that comes up that looks like it would fit story was school days.
#23 by kominarachromer
2018-11-03 at 22:39
#22 School Days might actually have something like that if I remember correctly.
#24 by bobjr2000
2018-11-03 at 22:47
I watched anime and hinted at something that she might have faked pregnancy at the end, I wasn't sure. I didn't play any of the bad endings in vn so not sure.

But I agree and mostly pointing that it made sense with story vs most vn that wouldn't have felt organically added.
#25 by encrypted12345
2018-11-03 at 23:10
@23 @24 I haven't played the VN, but I'm pretty sure that was anime only. Off the top of my head, the option for abortion was also relevant in Kodomo no Kodomo and (at the end of) SuzukaLast modified on 2018-11-03 at 23:11


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