Date on the chips and the calendar in DtRH I

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#1 by ermellino
2018-11-04 at 17:49

In "End Sky II", Yuki remembers where she first recognized the words "End Sky".

It happened in park attraction (like a haunted house thing). She remembered the date that she saw on the chips and the calendar. An important date. 07/20/1999. This is the date of the apocalypse in the "Tsui no Sora", right? Well, apparently, these games have an in-game connection. But why did Yuki react to this date like that?
Is she REALLY Yukito?

Sorry for my bad English.
#2 by kamenreader
2018-11-04 at 19:25
she turn into Ayana afterward no? One theory is that Ayana is one of the only two real person and is dreaming being Yuki who is dreaming the whole game, that would mean the link is not Yuki but Ayana maybeLast modified on 2018-11-04 at 19:33
#3 by ermellino
2018-11-04 at 19:57
Thank you for answer. But my question a little bit different. SubaHibi is kind of remake Tsui no Sora, and Yuki is kind of remake version of Yukito, who`s protagonist in Tsui no Sora.
If this date (07/20/199) meaning something for her, does it all mean that in-game reality of SubaHibi Yuki actual is Yukito? Or it`s just other complicated thing, that I don`t understand...

Also I don't believe in "it's all Ayana's mind" theory because it's run counter to some facts in the game.
In my opinion easier to believe that "it`s all Yuki's mind"
#4 by kamenreader
2018-11-04 at 20:10
I meant that if it take place in Ayasa head it could mean she is the same one from Tsui no Sora and basing the events on what happened on this one while changing some characters(Yuki being based on Yukito and the twin on the heroine etc) around but it's weird and that's the better I can come up with , also I don't really like the theory that it's in anyone mind so I kinda not like the Tsui no Sora II lol Last modified on 2018-11-04 at 20:36
#5 by ermellino
2018-11-04 at 21:05
>I don't really like the theory that it's in anyone mind
Me too. But game says in "Down the Rabbit Hole I" that all is Yuki`s mind...

Thanks for the help. I'll keep waiting for more answers from anybody else


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