How fucked up is this game really?

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#1 by luckypaper
2013-05-07 at 17:38
Well pics and title picture looks happy but the tags very beg to differ looks more like a rape story... But surprisingly has mostly 10's

Just wonder HOW BAD is it? We got gang rape stolen virginity......beastailty
#2 by unravel
2013-05-07 at 18:10
Why don't you wait for the full English patch to find it out yourself. It's further than a halfway there, after all.Last modified on 2013-05-07 at 19:00
#3 by luckypaper
2013-05-07 at 19:42
I'd like to know how bad it is though I prefer no rape and depression in my stories but I wouldn't have even taken a second glance if it wernt for the surprising ratings
#4 by gabezhul
2013-05-07 at 20:51
It is a VN tagged with Madness, Existential Crisis, Denpa, Depression, Suicide, Unavoidable Heroine Rape, Unavoidable Protagonist Rape and Torture. Just what kind of answer were you expecting?
Also, content and ratings have nothing to do with each other. If it is rated highly, it's because it is good (duh), so your question is pretty dumb, especially since you asked these questions about Subahibi of all things...

P.S.: Also, the description has a link to an English review, so yeah, if you couldn't even bother to read up on it on your own, then you are just lazy. ಠ_ಠ
#5 by luckypaper
2013-05-07 at 21:06
No, it seemed you misunderstood my OP completely I'll stop wasting my time here with you, go ahead and delete lock or whatever this thread.
#6 by transcendence
2013-05-07 at 21:14
There are scores for each tag if you haven't noticed it yet. The thread starter wants to know just how much of those 'abominable' tags is in this vn. And with a quick glance, I guess this might not be your kind of story, if you prefer none of those.
#7 by warfoki
2013-05-07 at 21:16
No, I don't think Gabe misunderstood you. Or if he did, then I did in the exact same way, because that is the exact same answer I would have given. Not the same style, since I tend to word carefully what I post to avoid conflict if possible, but the same content. So, maybe you should clarify what DID you mean then, instead of jumping the gun.
#8 by vvav
2013-05-07 at 23:57
Worse than Saya no Uta, not as bad as Dustmania or Euphoria. Also, all the extreme content is in two chapters, It's my Own Invention and Looking Glass Insects.
#9 by luckypaper
2013-05-08 at 00:05
Thank you very much number 8 you answered my op

I didn't finish saya and didn't get to any gruesome parts I believe I played dustmania but the rape didn't bother me because there was guro also in it and it was terrible overall

So I'm guessing its highly recommended not to skip those two chapters :P
#10 by vvav
2013-05-08 at 00:26
Go finish SnU you dumb dumb.
#11 by herki
2013-05-08 at 00:35
I hope you like gay rape.

And crucifixion.
#12 by luckypaper
2013-05-08 at 01:00
It doesn't really bother me what happens to the guys, only girls matter lol
#13 by herki
2013-05-08 at 02:49
Oh, they get raped too.
#14 by overkill373
2013-05-08 at 03:00
everybody gets raped

noone is safe from the RAPEFEST
#15 by herki
2013-05-08 at 04:33
Lots of characters don't get raped.

Quite a lot do, though.
#16 by craxuan
2013-05-08 at 11:27
The Forever Number 1 VN in my list for that absolutely amazing ending.
#17 by luckypaper
2013-05-08 at 11:56
Well I guess I can also hold down the control key when those scenes pop up B)
#18 by ultimecea
2013-05-08 at 12:30
@13,14 you mean spoilerf-est too~
#19 by herki
2013-05-08 at 18:57
Some of the ero has important stuff happen during it...
#20 by overkill373
2013-05-08 at 19:40
well i've never played this, I was just making stuff up :p
#21 by vvav
2013-05-08 at 23:49
I wouldn't recommend skipping the ero in Subahibi.

Well, you can skip the shitty ones like the streaker scene and what not, but a lot of the really gruesome scenes are actually relevant to the plot. It's the boring vanilla H-scenes that you can skip without fear of missing anything.
#22 by luckypaper
2013-05-09 at 00:16
They seem like they would make me depressed
I read well skimmed through a review saying kind of the same thing looked at cg and wouldn't even dare to touch it BUT say how high the ratings for and he said it was his favorite because how good it made him felt( or something)

Quite mind boggling with those tags
#23 by herki
2013-05-09 at 02:30
It's good in spite of all the fucked up content.
#24 by habluka
2013-05-09 at 02:54
I'm pretty sure its fucked up content is a large part of what made it good
#25 by luckypaper
2013-05-09 at 03:20
I can't really think of an ending or basically anything that could make up for all this horribleness let alone what makes it good

I don't like spoiling but I am extremely curious on how they made up for all the fucked up shit they put into this


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