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#1 by supervamp78
2015-03-16 at 07:30
Does anyone know the meaning of the text in the end sky part of rabbit hole 2?
#2 by zeality
2015-03-20 at 21:48
That particular part happens to be one of the vaguer things amongst the story not understood by many.. except Sca-ji, of course.

I have an explanation for it, but seeing as you haven't fully read SubaHibi yet (unless you have? xD) I couldn't tell you right now. Putting out my ideas on it here would be spoilers for the entire story, so you're going to have to finish the VN before we can further this discussion. Sorry. x.xLast modified on 2015-03-20 at 21:51
#3 by supervamp78
2015-03-26 at 13:50
What about just a direct translation?


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