Regarding Ayana Otonashi's sex

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#1 by ananassa
2015-04-14 at 21:00
Ayana is *not* a futanari (despite SCA-DI's fascination with them). Two reasons why:

1. There are two endings to Tsui no Sora . One is the standard Kotomi ending where, if I remember correctly, Yukito wakes up on July 21st, talks to Ayana, the only one there, who explains some things before kissing Yukito and fading away into Kotomi.
The second ending is Ayana's ending. At first, it proceeds the same way as Kotomi's, but instead they meet on the roof. And have sex. HOWEVER, Ayana is wholly female here.

2. Immediately after Ayana's rape scene, it's revealed it was all just a hallucination. Whether or not it was Ayana screwing with Takuji or just one of his fantasies, it never happened.

Seriously, did you guys actually play the games or did you just CTRL through to get all the CGs?

...Then again, Ayana could probably be whatever the hell she wants, given who she is.
#2 by babymetal
2015-04-19 at 05:56
Aya is my favorite baby. The best lass that has ever given me to fuck.Last modified on 2015-04-19 at 11:41


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