Engliss patch AGAIN!

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#1 by tiaguim
2015-05-27 at 06:00
Regardless who's translating this VN.

Just a little bit more effort bro. 97.2% You're almost there! Everyone is waiting for you! Just a little bit more :D

And by the way, thank you so much for your work :D
#2 by finjas
2015-05-27 at 10:20
#3 by veronin
2015-05-27 at 11:48
and then you guys will have to wait 100 years for a Sakura no Uta patch
#4 by lmtuan98
2015-05-27 at 12:03
100 years huh
Better start living healthily now
#5 by tiaguim
2015-05-27 at 14:24
But i'm not after sakura no uta patch, but, i wish you luck mates xD
#6 by babymetal
2015-05-27 at 17:41
No worries, man. SnU won't be any better than Natsuyasumi. And then it would take somewhat like a decade to give it an appropriate look.
#7 by tiaguim
2015-05-27 at 19:36
I just saw the link that finjas sended now XD july 20th, thats kinda sad :C, I hope he finishes though :c
#8 by veronin
2015-05-27 at 19:59
SnU won't be any better than Natsuyasumi.
only part of Himanatsu was written by SCA-JI while Sakura no Uta is his baby and entirely written by him. they're not really comparable. also SCA-JI said on Twitter that SnU is basically the sequel to SubaHibi's themes so yeah. and judging by what I've played of the old 2008 trial it certainly has the potential to equal SubaHibi.

anyway, as for SubaHibi I just hope people know what they're getting into when they start downloading it. it's not a light-hearted moege to say the least.
#9 by [deleted]
2015-05-27 at 21:03
Sakura no Uta is his baby and entirely written by him.

Actually he was helped by euphoria's writer, so I guess there will be some parts not written entirely by SCA-JI. A good couple, I'd dare to say (lol).
#10 by tiaguim
2015-05-27 at 22:28
Messed up stories are the best, but i don't like rapes though...but i already know that Subahibi have some rape scenes, well i will have to deal with it xD
#11 by babymetal
2015-05-28 at 04:08
WOAH, I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT'S ABOUT, BUT I'VE BEEN HYPED FOR YEARS NOW. And when my constipation subsides I will shit all over the Internet how edgy and cool SubaHibi was.
#12 by tiaguim
2015-05-29 at 02:36
Are you being ironic? Or making fun of me?
#13 by candycorm
2015-05-29 at 02:50
All these peasants are going to go into this without reading any of the prerequisite material. The internet is going to be completely unusable for months.
#14 by babymetal
2015-05-29 at 05:22
Goes both ways, I think.
#15 by babymetal
2015-05-29 at 05:30
Don't go apeshit over the game plx. The peak of inflated expectations is frequently followed by the 'trough of disillusionment'.
#16 by encrypted12345
2015-05-29 at 05:37
That's just the way it is. Hype is pretty much an uncontrollable and unconscious emotion. You can try to mitigate it, but it has a tendency to overwhelm people regardless.
#17 by aexis
2015-05-29 at 05:50
I'm curious now, what is this prerequisite material?Last modified on 2015-05-29 at 05:52
#18 by mmai
2015-05-29 at 17:41
Tractatus, Critique of Pure Reason, Cyrano de Bergerac, Alice in Wonderland + Through the Looking Glass, etc.
link Read these articles and give them some thought. Should help understanding it.
edit: despite what some may say you don't need to read the tractatus to understand subahibi, it's the other way around.Last modified on 2015-05-29 at 17:44
#19 by tiaguim
2015-05-29 at 18:27
Both ways ham?...What did i do to you, for you get all worked up about me? I just wanted to motivate somehow the guy or guys(Probably guys) to continue the translation of Subahibi, in a way like this...(There are people waiting for your translation, don't give up) I wans't even rude with you sir, why are you being like that?
#20 by tiaguim
2015-05-29 at 18:35
About the prerequisite material...It's true that i don't understood some statements, but that doesn't mean that i i'm not enjoying the VN, you don't have to learn everything about the world to enjoy the world itself, somethings are incomprensible, but you still get joy from them. (Probably this was too deep ahah).
#21 by babymetal
2015-05-29 at 19:20
There are whole books which dedicated to interpret Tractatus. And many of them didn't age well.
Because you gave it a perfect score ahead of time?
#22 by warfoki
2015-05-29 at 19:35
@18 If all of that shit is REALLY necessary to understand this VN, then I've just lost all of my interest in it. Works should be enjoyable in a self contained way. References and hidden clues are alright, but if a work of fiction absolutely requires you to be familiar with a truckload of obscure philosophies AND refuses to provide the reader with the gist of said philosophies, then that's just bad writing.

Anyhow, I went through those links just to see what are we talking about here. Reactions in a nutshell:

Private language:
Pointless. Modern experiments with MRI scans show that the parts of our brains responsible for language production is quite active during thinking and dreaming, so it seems very likely that the human mind processes things through language in general. No matter how obscure something is, if you can think about something, you can also describe it. And if we accept that, then the "S sensation" the Wikipedia article talks about cannot exist in the first place, making the rest of the thought experiments pointless.

The noumenon (/ˈnɒuːmɨnɒn/) is a posited object or event that is known (if at all) without the use of the senses.
And that's how far I'm willing to read that one, since that is a self defeating definition, if I've ever seen one. Everything, without exception is known for us through our senses directly, or indirectly, through its effects. If anything exists out there that cannot be sensed and doesn't result in anything that can be, we will simply never know about its existence, since we only have our senses to rely on. Of course a great many things need sophisticated equipment to magnify the phenomenon or its effects enough to make it sensible for us (e.g. you cannot see a cell in a human body without a microscope of sorts), but at the end of it, everything we can possibly understand, goes through one of our senses. So this one is another pointless thought experiment.

Russell's paradox:
Urgh, my head hurts from this one. I reread it several times, the only thing I managed to get out of it is that now my head hurts more. I'll admit, this one flies right past me. I always sucked at complex mathematical problems, I just don't have the mindset for it.

Map–territory relation:
Umm.. duh? How is this not self explanatory and obvious? Why do I have to read anything to grasp that the representation of something is not the representated phenomenon itself?

Ludwig Wittgenstein:
Nope. I had a professor at university who I swear was downright in love this guy, I had my fill with Wittgenstein for the rest of my life.

Logical atomism:
Urgh, another abstract concept that cannot be proven right or wrong. This is why I don't like philosophy: it's full of these thought experiments that take under- or undefined concepts, make analogies around it until it becomes so obscure that it's practically impossible to have an objective, clear-cut understanding of it. Just look at the Tractatus (since we're talking about Wittgenstein): it has a ridiculous number of interpretations, all parties claiming that theirs is the right one and that others have misinterpreted it. Kind of reminds me of the futility of theological debates.

If this VN REALLY requires the understanding of all of this abstract bullshit, then the hell with it, I'm not even going to waste bandwith on pirating it. But I highly doubt that.Last modified on 2015-05-29 at 19:41
#23 by mmai
2015-05-29 at 19:47
It's not, at all. There's a reason why it's one of the most famous and highly rated VNs out there. At the same time you could spend a good amount of time thinking and connecting several parts of Subahibi with the philosophy, you could just ignore it and enjoy the story for what it is (i.e. twists, execution, characterization, etc.). And these articles are just clues to connect the dots of Subahibi's themes and eventually reach its thematic cores. Also, as you yourself mentioned, a lot of these articles deal with ideas that are far from being uncommon, so it's not like it's some sort of work that only people with a Ph.D in philosophy can understand. More like the opposite, it explains a lot of complex ideas in simple ways.
edit: About Russel's paradox, just keep in mind the idea that a set cannot contain itself. link this should work too.Last modified on 2015-05-29 at 19:53
#24 by tiaguim
2015-05-29 at 20:23
LoL, just because i give it a 10? And so what? More 160 people rated already 10 when i got here? Are you sure the those 160 that rated 10, didn't do the same way as me? Actually, theres no way you can prove me that...Anyway, whats the point? It's not my vote that will make the diference...And it's seems that my vote was well given, since people are talking so well about this VN...
#25 by soulless-one
2015-05-29 at 20:44
Everything, without exception is known for us through our senses directly, or indirectly, through its effects.
What about mathematical constructs?

About Russel's paradox, just keep in mind the idea that a set cannot contain itself.
I don't think this helps understanding Russel's paradox, since it is built upon the assumption that a set may contain itself.

You should not vote on games you haven't played, this is obvious.


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