So close guys!

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#1 by tiaguim
2015-06-16 at 18:35

Guys 100% translated, now it's just the editing! Visual novel of the year!
#2 by vario
2015-06-16 at 19:19
Why are you guys creating a new topic for every single new update..?
#3 by babymetal
2015-06-16 at 19:54
>of the year
Of your perishable life.
#4 by [deleted]
2015-06-16 at 21:33
I hope for you that the translation will be good and will do justice to what SCA-JI tried to convey in the original.Last modified on 2015-06-16 at 21:35
#5Post deleted.
#6 by babymetal
2015-06-17 at 03:46
There are many bits and bobs which are heightened by language itself. Won't give off such cool vibes in the denpa scenes.
#7 by tiaguim
2015-06-17 at 04:11
Vario, i think i can post what i want, i'm happy for this update, so i do a post xD can't you be happy with me? :3
#8 by wakaranai
2015-06-17 at 04:30
we can't, this hype is obnoxious.
#9 by eacil
2015-06-17 at 04:32
Yes, vario, why are you not happy in front of that totally useless thread, as useless as the precedent made by the exact same useless guy?

See you in the next thread at the end of the QC!
#10 by dk382
2015-06-17 at 06:46
You can be happy in one thread instead of posting many threads about the exact same thing.
#11 by jazz957
2015-06-17 at 07:19
You can be happy in one thread instead of posting many threads about the exact same thing.

Well, apparently he's completely incapable of doing that. :PLast modified on 2015-06-17 at 07:20
#12 by asaki
2015-06-17 at 13:20
I think OP give us a new lesson, that if our favorite vn is had the translation updated, we should make one thread in here for each update instead of said write the update at older update. Maybe in future I'll do that.

Okay seriously there is nothing wrong if your happy that Subahibi translation is about to be finished. But I think making another thread with same topic is redundant. Well okay I did that too, but at least not in between less than a month like the op, and you can just post your update in your previous forum unless you somehow got hit in your head and have forgotten reply function in discussion.Last modified on 2015-06-17 at 17:16
#13 by babymetal
2015-06-17 at 14:54
I forgive you. Now go and make another one!Last modified on 2015-06-17 at 14:54
#14 by encrypted12345
2015-06-18 at 04:53
We all know that the last 3.1% of editing will take centuries.
Inb4 QC phase.
#15 by dk382
2015-06-18 at 05:04
@14: The joke's on you.
June 16th, 2015 - The first editing pass is (virtually) complete. Now for a second editing pass and QC. Hopefully this only takes around a month.
Well, editing is technically at 98.4% but that will only take one or two more days to finish, and they can get started on the other stuff in the meantime.
#16 by tiaguim
2015-06-20 at 06:21
Damn, you guys are so mean xD
#17 by asaki
2015-07-05 at 05:21
Yeah so what
#18 by fire
2015-07-05 at 12:28
herkz has indicated that the 2nd round of editing and the QC should take a month - and given the ingame significance of 20th July, it'll probably be released around that time.
#19 by either
2015-07-18 at 17:54
Two days till 20th.
#20 by dk382
2015-07-18 at 18:40
They're not going to make the july 20th release.
#21 by evanescentblade
2015-07-18 at 22:45
They're not going to make the july 20th release.

Where did you get that information? And if it's true, I don't mean to sound rude or give any pressure to them, but why not...? Does it really take over a month to do a 2nd round of editing and QC?
#22 by dk382
2015-07-18 at 22:51
Herkz has said on reddit and elsewhere that July 20th is an unlikely goal at this point. It was never a promised date to begin with, the July 20th goal was for finishing the raw translation, which was met over a month ahead of time.
#23 by herki
2015-07-18 at 23:03
#24 by babymetal
2015-07-19 at 03:38
Without a doubt. It's common knowledge that a basement dweller's tardiness meter is off the chart.
Ixrec could make it in a few days while banging his hot gf.
#25 by molok
2015-07-19 at 09:54
He seemed pretty close to promising link


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