Having a problem with menu bar

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#1 by tuco321
2015-08-21 at 09:25

Whether I play the game with the english patch or not the menu bar on the bottom of the screen keeps flickering. I was only able to find one other person talking about this problem and the only suggestion I found was to keep restarting the game until it fixes but I've tried this dozens of times to no avail. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
#2 by jao
2015-08-21 at 16:54
I had the same problem even without the english patch but it stopped without doing anything while reading Rabbit-Hole I.
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#3 by danny1145
2016-03-30 at 01:49
Have you guys found any fixes to it? I just recently started having the same issue, even though I played the whole game before without experiencing it.
#4 by cheezy
2016-04-06 at 22:09
Starting it in administrator mode seemed to fix it for me


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