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#51 by encrypted12345
2016-11-06 at 06:12

Huh, Village of Nightmare 2 was translated? I have fond memories of the first one.

@50 It seems really neat. I might buy it since I love that type of stuff.
#52 by usagi
2016-11-09 at 20:18
Is this game worth buying? It looks hilarious, in a good sense.
#53 by cockblockula
2016-11-10 at 22:44
I am waiting for the game where the MC makes love to a grasshopper (not MonsterGirl, its a real bug). I THINK its being translated by Sekai Project. If someone can help me find it that would be great.
#54 by eacil
2016-11-10 at 22:50
If you knew it was translated by SP, why didn't you take a look at their list? Btw, wrong thread.
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#55 by eiesoldar
2016-11-11 at 00:22
I am waiting for the game where the MC makes love to a grasshopper (not MonsterGirl, its a real bug)
Just pray she would be a grasshopper and not a mantis
#56 by cockblockula
2016-11-11 at 03:30
If that Mantis is rockin a school girl outfit and bloomers then why not?
#57 by eacil
2016-11-11 at 06:10
You don't seem to be familiar with mantis' behavior... you will make a perfect partner.Last modified on 2016-11-11 at 06:12
#58 by encrypted12345
2016-11-24 at 03:22

Neat, a fullflap game planned to be translated into English.

@57 That's a myth caused by faulty scientific testing. Female mantises only do that when stressed or really hungry.Last modified on 2016-11-24 at 03:24
#59 by usagi
2016-12-11 at 20:59
Actually I tried already nutaku's Ghost Town Gunsweeper - and I can say that it's surprisingly good, original and funny game. Despite being somewhat similar to Thief & Sword and Kaiki! Drill Otoko no Kyoufu - it is much better among Clothing Damage games. Give it a try. Here is review: link

Also I just found one of latest new m1zuki translations - Thug Hero Party:
which is worthy to play IMO. It's netorare h-rpg wich catched my eye with very pleasant art/heroines not typical for rpg maker game and more similar to Shounen to Chijo Oneesan-tachi no Shiawase H na Apaato Kurashi quality-wise, male POV and "depression/utsuge" tags. More details I'll write later.

Also I've found many others OELHRPG interesting projects made with rpg maker for straight shotacon/incest fans (with little boy POV):
Zombie's Life (you play as boy and single survived male in postapocalyptic world, which being bited by zombie instead of turning into one - grows huge penis) - link
Urban Life - link
and others.. But now I've not tackle them yet. Maybe later.Last modified on 2016-12-11 at 21:30
#60 by gabezhul
2016-12-13 at 12:00
I have found two games fitting here about a month ago, but never had the time to write them up before. Whatever, here goes nothing:

First off is a browser flash game called A Spell for All.
It's... pretty much discount Bible Black, but witht pornstar pinups for illustrations.

The plot is as follows: Your character (male or female) is a university student in a sleepy american town. Then he or she discovers the town's dark history, where an evil warlock once enslaved the population with black magic. Your character then sets out to recover the magic tome of the warlock and you get to chose if you want to play an amoral rapist mind-raping women left and right, or... an amoral rapist mind-raping women left and right who is also a murderer.

From that quick description you might think that this is some kind of dark story with an evil villainous protagonist, and you would be kiiii~nda correct, but only if you actually stop and think about what you are doing. As far as the game itself is concerned, it barely even touches on any sort of moral or ethical dilemmas related to the fact that you are mind-controlling and raping people for literally no reason other than "this is the premise of this game". In fact, scenarios where your character undoes the mind-control of another warlock on their sister, who turned her into his cumdump, only to immediately mind-control her yourself and receive a "good" ending makes me question whether the writers are incredibly lazy or geniuses for perfectly encapsulating what it is like to be a sociopath.

But moving on: The gameplay is actually fairly simple, though not necessarily intuitive. Your goal is to gather magic power, unlock more spells, use those spells to mind-control more people in order to unlock more loactions, spells and people to mind-control. In the end it is a pretty straightforward classic, text-based adventure game with map-movement, use-everything-on-everything puzzles and a bit of pokewomen on top (Gotta mind-control them all!).

Now, as for the ero content, it is... surprisingly boring, unless you are really, really really into mind-control and MILFs and you like filling out the blanks. While the "foreplay", where the MC talks the mind-controlled girl out of her clothes is fairly amusing at times, the actual acts are barely described, and when they are, they are always 100% vanilla. The closest the acts come to "kinky" is a tiny bit of incest every here and there, otherwise there is really nothing to speak about.

So, to whom would I recommend this game? Well, fans of mind control would probably like this. However the lack of fetishes (aside of the obvious one) and the quantity-over-quality approach to the pokewomen makes it something of a bland experience. Still, it should be good for wasting a slow afternoon I suppose.


Now, the other game I stumbled upon is a weeeeeird one; Trap Quest.

It's a roguelike text-adventure with a lot of content. It is also old-school as fuck, as you have to manually type in a lot of the commands (though there is a couple of common commands one can access by clicking on a list on the left).

The premise: You are either an androgynous guy or gal (originally only the former, thus the title) trapped in a virtual reality by an evil corporation of evil. Your goal is to get out of a series of dungeons and reach the end, where you have to press the big red button. However, there is a twist: Practically every enemy, trap and NPC wants to rape you, humiliate you or modify your body into becoming a "bimbo", regardless of your gender, and whatever modification happens to your virtual body, the evil corporation of evil modifies your real body to match. The only way you can undo those is by reaching the end and exchanging jewelries you find on the way for points that you can spend to change your body back. Naturally you will not succeed at first, or at second, or maybe ever, but as people who play a lot of roguelikes know; losing is half the fun, and in this game it is even more so.

The mechanics are fairly standard for the genre. You've got your traps, hard enemies, traps, cursed items, traps, objects that interact with your character in unpredictable ways and, of course, traps.

Now, if this was just a text-based RPG, I probably wouldn't think highly of it, but this game actually has simple photo-illustrations for practically everything you can interact with, from NPCs to each and every fetish-equipment you find on the way. Not only that, your MC not only gets an illustration you can see all the time, said illustration actually changes depending on their stats. Breast size, inflation, hair-length and color, hips, makeup and so on all change depending on what you encountered. Not only that, there are four different styles of illustrations, though two of them are only available to Patreon supporters.

As for the ero-content, it is entirely text-based, but there is a LOT, and a huge variety. Not only that, you can turn a lot of fetishes on and off, and they actually change the gameplay as well. Lactation, watersports, impregnation, extreme body modifications, etc. The main overarching premises are feminization (for both genders), crossdressing (for males), humiliation, rape and corruption/mind-break.

Overall I would recommend this game, though with the caveat that you should only try it if you can tolerate clunky interfaces and are not afraid of typing and roguelikes.

So yeah, that's all folks. Have fun (or not.)
#61 by usagi
2016-12-13 at 15:16

why recommend games which you yourself consider not so good or extremely niche genre? 0_0
It would be another case if non-vn eroge were some rarity - but it's not true at all. Actually there are hundreds of it - especially rpg maker ones. Be it fantranslation of jap ones or indie OELRPG which literally litters patreon now - ESPECIALLY with " pornstar pinups" as 3D CG models/3D comics >_< The most detestable thing I found are those numerous incest eroges with mom models as some fucking teenagers and son models as 20+ y.o. stud ) or eroges with fantasy setting where elves/princesses etc. featured as typical whores/playboy models. Why such vulgar/tasteless "pieces of art" are so popular is beyond my comprehension.

For myself I can say that I would recommend games which are only:

1) I really like
2) they features rare/original fetish, which are not/almost not covered among english speaking audience
3) they have great art

Anything else is just waste of time (yours and readers) IMO.Last modified on 2016-12-13 at 15:29
#62 by gabezhul
2016-12-13 at 17:13
It's because just because I don't like something (which, in the case of Trap Quset, is not even true, as I adore that game) it doesn't mean someone else cannot like it. As I stated above, while I only considered A Spell for All to be average, it's because I am not really into either mind-control or MILFs, but for people with those fetishes it is probably a pretty good game.
#63 by usagi
2016-12-13 at 20:24
It's because just because I don't like something (which, in the case of Trap Quset, is not even true, as I adore that game) it doesn't mean someone else cannot like it. As I stated above, while I only considered A Spell for All to be average, it's because I am not really into either mind-control or MILFs, but for people with those fetishes it is probably a pretty good game.

It's pretty stupid argument, no offence here ) So, that mean, I should play and advertise futanari games, for example, spending my precious free time on it only because someone may like it? 0_0 Disregarding my favorite femdom/shota/ntr games instead? )) Ok.Last modified on 2016-12-13 at 20:28
#64 by gabezhul
2016-12-13 at 20:34
Erm... Are you all right? Because you make no sense. I stumbled upon these games while looking for something else and I decided to share my impressions here so that others might learn about them and decide whether they want to give them a try. I didn't go out of my way looking for these just to tell you about them, nor do I expect you to play them if you are not interested. Seriously, your response is so completely disjointed from my posts and nonsensical I don't even know what else to do but to worry about your current mental state...
#65 by usagi
2016-12-13 at 21:11
I stumbled upon these games while looking for something else and I decided to share my impressions here so that others might learn about them and decide whether they want to give them a try.

Well, maybe my reaction was because I always stumbled upon something when search something on the internet - even upon something quite interesting. Almost every day. Many years already. (For example, today I searched some board with 29 pages of various topics dedicated to sharing rpg maker eroges. 29 pages. And I am talking about only one tiny subforum - there are much more content/much larger scale actually.)
But for some reason I didn't feel compelled to share my impressions of them unless it's really something worthy to share in my opinion. Maybe I am weird here and it's pretty normal to write couple of hundreds posts on some offtopic board now of each somewhat interesting game I found for last couple of months.. But I lack such dedication..
In the end, I think, it ticked me off when I read about some generic game in rather detailed review while there are so many much more worthy ones ) Sorry about that.Last modified on 2016-12-13 at 21:21
#66 by usagi
2016-12-15 at 17:50
I've just finished Thug Hero Party. Well, what I can say - it's the best ntr eroge I ever played. Not that I played very many of them )
Anyway - I definitely recommend it for every ntr fan. There are 6 endings and all of them are bad. If you want to feel maximum hopelesness, anger and like feeling as complete loser - this game is for you. Ntr aspect there is pure and undiluted and in like over 9000 degree or something. Maximum ntrness ))
I wonder why this game is completely unknown. It has good writing, believable characterization and situations, lots of inner thoughts and monologues, hot h-scenes and even decent fantasy setting and rpg system. It's not very long and without voices though - but it is expected from rpg maker game. What makes this game excellent comparing to other ntr games - revenge route. It is something that makes you feel complete satisfaction in the end )Last modified on 2016-12-15 at 17:51
#67 by abyssaleros
2016-12-15 at 18:20
Thug Hero Party ain't completely unknown with over 4000 buying custumoers alone on DLsite and U-ROOM is one of the doujin circles known for making good RPG's.
It's just the western audience which is lacking.
#68 by cockblockula
2016-12-16 at 04:12
I know your feeling. I wonder how MG pick which vn to translate. I thought their selection includes the reception and popularity the vn receives. But its entirely random.Last modified on 2016-12-16 at 04:13
#69 by encrypted12345
2016-12-16 at 05:16
That's important, but what they actually can get is limited, and they avoid doujin eroge for the most part. Presumably because that's DLsite's domain.

If sheer popularity was the sole factor, they would have gotten Fate/Stay Night years ago.
#70 by encrypted12345
2017-01-28 at 17:09
Shin Dei Sen (FullFrap RPG) got translated and released.

It's pretty short, and the battle system is nothing notable if fast paced enough to never get too boring. The art is the highlight, and the pixel animation is great. The way the battle screen is laid out lets you see the rape scenes in battle, which is extremely neat.

It's also surprisingly cheap on DLsite, being only about 10 dollars.Last modified on 2017-01-28 at 17:10
#71 by beliar
2017-02-07 at 16:33
So, I have reviewed "Orc Castle" on my blog. It's a fun little game to spend a few hours with.
#72 by beliar
2017-02-12 at 22:07
I got around to reviewing the erotic interactive novel (I don't think we can consider it a visual novel) "Slugs and Bugs" by Anaximanes. God dammit, was it good! Now I obviously need to play his second game "Phantom".
#73 by beliar
2017-02-14 at 21:47
And now I have played and reviewed the second Anaximanes' interactive novel "Phantom". It's very short and pretty good, but nowhere on the level of "Slugs and Bugs".
#74 by gabezhul
2017-02-19 at 12:44
After I read about it on a forum I decided to give a quick look to Free Cities. It is this freeware, text-based slave-raising management game for browsers, and... um... I finished the character creation?

I mean, don't take me wrong, the game looks incredibly in-debt and chock full of content, but I have spent four hours with just reading the extensive documentation and re-rolling my setting and starting slaves like four times, and then when I was finally satisfied with everything, I was so damn tired I no longer had the drive to actually try to untangle the bare UI and the absolutely insane amounts of options the game threw in my face from day one.

So yeah, I might give this one another try, as it looks like a slightly less atmospheric (and graphic) but waaaaaaay more in-debt and customizabe Jack-o-Nine-Tails, but for now I am too burned out. This seems like a fairly popular game though, so have any of you ran into it before?
#75 by rusanon
2017-02-19 at 14:21
I've played several builds of FC.
I liked Jack much more, FC is severely lacking in actual textual content for its numerous options, although that is slowly improving.
FC also focuses on "big picture", with most of your slaves being some abstract throwaways to earn cash and reputation. Slave training is mostly abstracted away, with only 3 actions and several options. While there are some flavor traits and stuff for slaves, you want same high-trust/low-fear result for any long-term slave and use same pattern, with almost no individuality or interactivity.

Didn't test builds with graphical packs yet, waiting for some content update with fetishes I like, as recent stuff like sex toys isn't up my valley.


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