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#76 by ganchan
2017-02-19 at 14:32
@74 Yeah, I've tried, it happened the same to me at first. You could say is too depth, but when you get used to that, its very nice. I've played many many hours, but I'm sure I only checked 50% of the content.

The good thing about this is not only a slave managment, but you are also the leader of a society (arcology) where you can developed in the way you want. You want a society that takes care of slave, then go for a paternalistic society. You want a society that considers slaves as less than cattle go for a degredationism society. Or as exactly as a cattle go for pastoralism. You can make them care of only slave of certain age, race, body type. Heck, you can even try to emulate romans, egiptians, chinese, arabs or japanese society (in the time when they had slaves). Best part of all you can combine most of them (up to 4) to create your society to your style.

You also have other arcologies where you influence each other. Great arcs. A financial market system, you can find nearly every fetish but most of them are optionable, so you can go for what you like. Frequently updated. And now they are starting with images which is a nice bonus.

TL;DR: Nice game, in a good setting, where you can construct a society that caters your paraphilias and has lots of options even if you take the ero.

Edit: @75 Personally I liked more FC than Jack, as I found it much more limiting than FC maybe because as you say it focuses on the "big picture", they don't ask to follow some requirements if you want to sell your slave to someone. In FC, a slave can be an A rank in one playthrough and in another one can be F rank something that in Jack is much more limited.Last modified on 2017-02-19 at 14:41
#77 by warfoki
2017-02-20 at 02:02
Honestly I'm with Gabe on this one. Downloaded the thing, spent about two hours with the wiki, got bored, left. This seems to be the Dwarf Fortress or ero-management games: incredibly in-depth with an insane amount of options, but also absolutely noob unfriendly and generally takes a lot of effort to get into. Effort that I'm quite frankly not willing to spend on it.Last modified on 2017-02-20 at 13:39
#78 by pabloc
2017-02-20 at 11:38
Speaking of sex-slave training sims, this eroge was released recently, and it's fun.
You're playing as a guy starting up a prostitution business from scratch. The ero part is similar to the 2 previous games from this circle - you train kidnapped girls and turn them into sex slaves, because hentai logic. Then comes the management part, where you use the girls to earn money, buy upgrades, look for better girls to kidnap and so on. The main goal is winning the "pimp of the year" title, awarded to the owner of the best prostitutes (based on several stats), but it's pretty much a sandbox otherwise (you only lose the game when you don't have enough money to pay monthly rent and other expenses).
The mechanics aren't too complicated, but they offer enough depth to make the game interesting for quite a while. The ero, while repetitive, also gets boring at a significantly slower rate compared to their older titles, mainly due to the huge variety of girls (each is generated randomly, and most of them actually look nice). I'm not a big fan of 3D models, and sex-slave training isn't exactly my huge fetish either, but this circle does both of those things rather well, so I actually like their games.

It could be a little tough to play without knowing the language though, since it contains a lot of skill and research descriptions, that don't seem to be hookable to boot. So, a translation probably would be quite useful and it should be rather easy to make...
Is anyone familiar with hacking that Unity thingy? :PLast modified on 2017-02-20 at 11:38
#79 by ayu
2017-02-20 at 18:03
Don't know if this'll be help much (I'm a complete amateur at things like this), but I gave translating some of it a go for my own benefit after it came out. I used dnSpy to edit it, I believe there are plenty other .NET decompilers, no idea what's best but this worked for me. Loading Assembly-CSharp.dll and poking around a bit, I was able to find tooltips, some of the girl's profiles, customer's comments and other misc things, 1, 2. Some of the boxes are really small, thankfully most are easy to expand.

There's a bunch of stuff I've not found, mostly strings that don't vary depending on gameplay. You get things like "gameObject.FindDeep("Text_Cost_S", true).SetActive(true);" which look to load strings/buttons etc. I've no idea where they are stored; hopefully someone more knowledgeable knows and can help you out (here may not be the right place though I guess).
#80 by pabloc
2017-02-20 at 19:25
^ Yeah, I checked if I could do that stuff by myself, but it turned out a bit too complicated. I'd have to learn how to use all those fancy tools from scratch, and that's too much effort for just a potential little side-project that's meant to be a change of pace from KonoSora's vanilla H-scenes. :P
And yeah, this is not the best place to look for kelp, but it's worth mentioning - you never know.
#81 by gabezhul
2017-02-20 at 20:07
Well, yeah. If you are looking for kelp, you best stick to the ocean. :^P
#82 by pabloc
2017-02-20 at 20:32
Monday. I need sleep. :P
#83 by beliar
2017-04-10 at 22:34
I have recently finished playing "Netorare Imouto Misaki" and wrote a short review. Enjoy... because everyone enjoys netorare :-P
#84 by sakurakoi
2017-04-11 at 00:01
Enjoy... because everyone enjoys netorare :-
Only when it is from the PoV of the girl (otherwise one must be a duckling beta male~)

Seriously though, I recommend literary all acerola titles (NIM already has a spiritual successor and their other series are primarily fantasy) albeit some much recycling of CG and indeed the rather standard H scenes. I am actually quite certain that the JP version told one that it is two months but welp, it has been a while. Afaik I did not really bother in NIM to find a series of events involving a public urinal.

I quite like acerola's art even though I'm fairly easily disgusted by ugly drawn big chest sizes (the larger the more difficult I suppose it is to draw them beautifully), also in contrary to the majority of other doujin H games, several many scenes are voiced. Content is also fairly high even when considering the number of recycled CG.
#85 by abyssaleros
2017-04-11 at 05:42
Do you even know what NTR really is?
NTR is not cuckholding, cuckholding is a western definition and includes cheating by the wife or an submissive male as you described it.
Netorare is so much more. I am for sure an alpha male jusk ask my girl or the guys I have broken their shitty noses and I like netorare. I would never see her really be fucked by someone OTHER AS ME, he would be dead instantly that's for sure. But it is an arousing sight as a girl you care for beeing fucked like a bitch in heat and I have done that in my youth.
Look up the bloody description of NTR and do not mess it with cuckholding as all the rest of those beta males who constantly whine against NTR and have never ever in their live seen a pussy in real.Last modified on 2017-04-11 at 05:43
#86 by beliar
2017-04-11 at 05:49
Chill, Abby, that blood pressure is not good for your health.
One, I'm pretty sure Sakurakoi was joking about beta males, as his next paragraph starts with "seriously". Learn to read between the lines, especially on the Internet.
And two, NTR is very much cuckolding (not cuckholding, as such a word does not exist). By separating the terms you are just splitting hairs. It's just like saying that tomato is not a fruit, even though it very much is, though most people call it a vegetable.Last modified on 2017-04-11 at 05:51
#87 by abyssaleros
2017-04-11 at 05:55
No there is definitely a clear distinction between the japanese concept of netorare, which corporates more the aspect of sexual jealousy/arrousal while seeing the love interest beeing fucked, and the western concept of cuckolding (I know - somehow the h of holding the cock gets regularly in the way^^) which clearly is more the sexual interest of a fag who sucks even the cock of the dominator of his love interest, or at the very least is eating the creampie.
And that is the clear distinction why NTR is not cuckolding.

I for myself find western cuckolding porn really to puke, sorry guys (at least to those who are really bi-sexual or gay).Last modified on 2017-04-11 at 06:03
#88 by beliar
2017-04-11 at 06:12
More like the western version of the subgenre is much broader.

The NTR usually follows the same formula of the girl getting all the action, and the guy being just an ornament.
The western variation is more expansive, with the guy also engaging in the action, frequently of the bi variation. Which is kinda strange, as I thought that Japanese BL fans are more vocal than the western :-P

Both NTR and cuckolding thrive on the sexual fetishization of humiliation/jealousy and both have some stale tropes that are becoming seriously overused in the fandom, but I still don't think there are enough differences to categorize them, as different genres. More like variations of the same genre.

Anyway, we probably will have to agree to disagree on the definition of NTR, Abby, but that's normal. After all, I don't think many people would actually provide the same definition of any genre of fiction when pressed to do that.
#89 by encrypted12345
2017-04-11 at 06:17
It's true that Western cuckolding is extreme when compared to simple NTR. I don't actively look for cheating genre hentai works, but the only hentai thing I've seen that goes as far as Western cuckolding goes is the manga Watashi no Kareshi to Nete Kudasai.

Desiring the sexual fluids of the third party is ... Well, NTR usually puts me off already.
#90 by abyssaleros
2017-04-11 at 06:22
You are mostly right, but VNDB is more or less (getting less in recent time) a site cattering to japanese visual novels who have NTR, as encrypted12345 states, as a theme and not the western porn flick concept. So we need to make our definition up to the japanese source and not the western one, would we do that we need to delete or change at least a heluva of tags and traits who do not catter to the typical western porn scene.
We are VNDB and not YouPorn.Last modified on 2017-04-11 at 06:25
#91 by sakurakoi
2017-04-11 at 06:46
One, I'm pretty sure Sakurakoi was joking about beta males, as his next paragraph starts with "seriously". Learn to read between the lines, especially on the Internet.
And two, NTR is very much cuckolding (not cuckholding, as such a word does not exist). By separating the terms you are just splitting hairs. It's just like saying that tomato is not a fruit, even though it very much is, though most people call i
One, indeed, not every male who is aroused by NTR/cuckolding is a beta cuck but fo' sure one has actually to be much more perverse then.

Two, yeah, don't even try to make that into something more "different" or even "sophisticated" (just recently I saw someone trying to do that to cuckolding, namely right there: link and being mocked by a friggin' teal deer and I like to quote that deer: "bring your own bleach") unless you want to make other laugh, about you.

Three (because the posts which follow after the quoted one are rather redundant), a tomato is a part of a plant that can be consumed by humans. See what I did there?~ (Hint: Imagine this perverted creampie eating and sucking dick in a VN: Wouldn't it be tagged NTR? + Yaoi ofc, and consider the other way round: If some NTR work was adapted into a western porn: Would it be cuckolding but not NTR anymore?)
#92 by abyssaleros
2017-04-11 at 06:52
No, it is not the same as Only NTR A where the heroine willingly cheats on the protag could be called cuckolding in the very least, NTR B and C were the heroine is not a willing participant is not cuckolding as there is no cheating involved, while protagonist organized NTR is not cuckolding too, it is just wife sharing, like going in a swing club together. No NTR is not cuckolding. Period.

And no NTR + yaoi, would be better descripted as a yaoi NTR theme, wherin two males are the protagonist and the hero, and the protag has to see how his male love interest is banged by someone else.Last modified on 2017-04-11 at 06:58
#93 by beliar
2017-04-11 at 07:10
I will have to contest you again, Abby. I have read my share of cuckolding fiction on Literotica and Asstr and two most frequently employed plot devices there are these:
a) Wife is blackmailed or otherwise coerced into cheating on her husband and comes to enjoy and eventually thrive on it (basically NTR-B). In a way, the willingness and cheating come later in the play, but they do appear.
b) Male protagonist has a fantasy of his wife cuckolding him. He eggs his wife, until she complies. (Basically Protagonist organized NTR).
This later variation makes up the vast majority (I would say as much as 80% of western cuckolding fiction). It's also my least favourite.

It's only the NTR-C variation that is almost never seen in the West, but it's also very rare in JP too, so similarities again.

Also, bisexual play and cum eating are not necessarily the staples of cuckolding fiction, even though the western subgenre readily embraced them. They can also feature in femdom fiction. Hell, the infamous "Discipline" also contains a scene of the protag eating fresh cum out of Leona's snatch, and that is a Japanese VN with no NTR content (at least until the bad endings).
#94 by abyssaleros
2017-04-11 at 07:42
The problem which I have with the term cuckold is that in the western world it is synonym with beeing humilated, therefor the western porn caters more to the extrem humilation of the male.
Cuck, Cucki or Cux are solely used as insults.
So the whole thing about the fetish "Cuckolding" is insulting and humilating for the male, who is described as masochistic or submissive.

That is normally (except this bad trope of phimosis) not the case in NTR where the fetish caters to the aspect of sexual arousal through voyeurism and therefore sexual jealousy, I have written elsewhere already on this aspect.
So the fetish aspect in NTR is more akin to the dominant and voyeuristic form of this BDSM form.

But we are not talking here about real world or "Cuckolding" in BDSM which is fucked up because of this idiot Freud, as psychology regards following him cuckold fetishsm as a form of masochism, deriving pleasure from beeing humilated.

And that is NOT the case in the japanese concept of NTR which we should talk about here, not some cuckold porn flicks, no cuckolding stories on Literotica, Lush Stories and so on.
We are talking about a concept deriving from the japanese scene, like Sexual Slavery in its Choukyou form, which is also not part of the western porn world in that form.

While there could be humilation beeing involved in NTR it is not the main dish, while in "Cuckolding" the main dish is humilation.

And that is the cause why so much people out there disdain NTR because they believe it as something to do with beeing humilated. No it is not.Last modified on 2017-04-11 at 07:56
#95 by beliar
2017-04-29 at 17:42
I have just replayed Village of Nightmare and wrote a review for it. It's a pretty nice adventure game focused on corruption, so if you haven't played it, you might want to check it out.
#96 by beliar
2017-04-30 at 22:48
And just a day later I finished and reviewed the sequel "Village of Nightmare 2". Despite the lackluster reception on the net, I liked it better than the predecessor.
#97 by beliar
2017-06-14 at 16:23
I have wrote a short review of Malleck's "Road Trip", a short nukige made in RPG Maker.
#98 by cockblockula
2017-06-21 at 13:54
anyone know if we can edit the quote at the bottom of the webpage? I'd like to insert random quotes so people can be taken to a completely random vn page.
#99 by pendelhaven
2017-06-21 at 14:23
you can't. also there's a thread for that

#100 by encrypted12345
2017-06-21 at 16:55
Material Girl is on steam for $2 (on sale for 1.20 right now) and seems to be selling well. It's about a tenth of the price it is on DL site amusingly.

The English TL is a trainwreck. It's not a machine translation because a machine wouldn't misspell words. Probably some non-native English speaker Oh, and no word wrapping either.

Alas, 1.20 is way too little to abuse the localizer's unconditional Steam refund policy over, so whatever.Last modified on 2017-06-21 at 17:01


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