The twins are familiar...

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#1 by eijikikumaru222
2010-06-30 at 14:30
Guys, ever wonder why the names of the twins here are very familiar? Kagami and Tsukasa? Ever ring a bell somewhere? It sure did in my case... Aren't those names familiar? Of course, because I have heard them from Lucky Star! And these characters even have the same hair color and a bit of the same style with those of the SubaHibi twins!

Have you guys any idea on why it's like that?
#2 by hikigane
2010-06-30 at 17:47
Edit: Read chikan's post below.Last modified on 2010-06-30 at 18:06
#3 by chikan
2010-06-30 at 17:54
Ahazkun couldn't be any more wrong. Always remember that SubaHibi isn't what you think it is.

The twins are figments of Yuki/Takuji (who are the same person)'s imagination. As commented on by other-Yuki, Takuji sees "two twins from some anime he likes". Yes, it's complicated.


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