I would like some info on the english release

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#1 by danny1145
2016-05-07 at 17:24
Has there been any information at all about the game getting a full English patch or release? I've been dying to play this game in its entirety, and am desperate for any recent information. Is the project dead or something? I know that KeroQ hired the fan translators, but has there been any more progress? I haven't heard any information since December, and can't find anything more.
#2 by herki
2016-05-09 at 02:42
#3 by danny1145
2016-05-10 at 21:34
Get back to working on the damn localization, you imbecilic cuckold. Also, why the hell does TLwiki constantly go down? Btw, love the translation so far, good work.


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