Zakuro question - spoilers

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#1 by arkt
2016-05-18 at 06:08
How did those two girls get her mail address? Is it ever explained in the game? I was thinking maybe they got it off that bullying help site but Zakuro mentions changing her phone so it doesn't seem possible.Last modified on 2016-05-18 at 06:19
#2 by rusanon
2016-05-18 at 06:29
If you mean the two she suicided together with her, they contacted her via her SNS profile, it was explained in detail in Insects.
#3 by arkt
2016-05-18 at 06:47
Ah thanks, I thought it was a text for some reason the first time.
#4 by arkt
2016-05-18 at 07:39
Is it mentioned how they find out her name? I read through that whole part again but I don't think she ever gives away anything other than her handle. The first time it's mentioned is in the "subject: 高島さんは間違ってます" message.


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