Chapter 2 end text untranslated

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#1 by fudgy223
2016-06-26 at 18:29

I was playing through down the rabbit hole 2 in english and at the end just after mamiya takuji kills himself theres a long scene of text thats untranslated, anybody got a translation?

I think I'm playing on a leaked patch.
#2 by jack90
2016-06-27 at 08:03
Wait for the official release and buy it.
#3 by herki
2016-06-30 at 04:04
link That's weird. It works for me. Maybe you're doing something wrong?
#4 by fudgy223
2016-07-01 at 16:06
Yeah that is weird, that's the same bit that's untranslated on mine. Hmm...
#5 by mercurio101
2017-03-26 at 07:59
Herki, could you please tell us where did you get this patch? It seems to differ from what I have (mine, too, is written in Japanese in this mini-episode).

p.s.Herkz, is that you?
p.p.s. Why did you give SubaHibi 1 point? )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
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