What is this VN based on?

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#1 by fudgy223
2016-06-27 at 13:27
I know it's based on Wittgenstein's philosophy, but what else does it reference? After being interested in the ideas and writing in this game, have you got any recommendations for further reading or other similar stories I can check out?

After having loved this I want to read similar works and material. Please help me out by recommending or providing information for me. Thanks.
#2 by kdx0r
2016-06-27 at 17:07
#3 by fudgy223
2016-06-27 at 17:22
Okay, thanks a lot.

Can anyone recommend me some book novels I may be interested in from reading subahibi? Veronika decides to die has already been mentioned to me.
#4 by herki
2016-06-30 at 04:08
Cyrano is the only thing referenced in the game that's worth reading because it'll improve your enjoyment of the game. Some parts mirror the plot of the play without being particularly explicit about it, while nearly every other reference is extremely explicit or not really relevant.
#5 by fudgy223
2016-07-01 at 09:32
Thanks, I think I'll read that.

I'm really hoping some of you can provide me with similar book recommendations because this is really the only place I can ask where the userbase has read subahibi.


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