What is the status of the translation?

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#1 by autocrat
2017-01-06 at 07:50
I heard it was getting an official trasnlation but nothing in years. What's going on here - I can't take much more of this. '-.-
#2 by ervia
2017-01-06 at 10:11
Why don't you open this link ?
#3 by dk382
2017-01-06 at 10:31
The latest word from Moogy, who has basically become the project's unofficial spokesperson, is that they basically can't talk about it, he regrets announcing it so early, and that it's still a ways off. Basically: It's still happening, but who knows when.
#4 by autocrat
2017-01-06 at 11:04
I see. @arvia I was going to get ecstatic and go all "100% seriously!?" But c'mon, no shit sherlock. -_-

Here's hoping @dk382 Good to hear it's not been dropped or anything.
#5 by ervia
2017-01-06 at 18:38
Well, there is another option though, that is translating it yourself (which is impossible to do unless you know Japanese) or using tools like ITH+TA.Last modified on 2017-01-06 at 18:39
#6 by autocrat
2017-01-06 at 19:44
Yes. Quite impossible for me.

And using the translator software never really appealed to me.
#7 by tsumaranchan
2017-01-13 at 22:46
You can definitely learn enough Japanese to read Subahibi before it comes out. If you don't want to learn, just wait.
#8 by autocrat
2017-01-14 at 18:45
I'm going to start learning the language within the next couple of months. I wonder how long it might take me before I am able to read Suba Hibi on my own.
#9 by kominarachromer
2017-02-20 at 02:51
Frontwing is publishing it, apparently.


Could a mod please add this to the release?Last modified on 2017-02-20 at 02:54
#10 by encrypted12345
2017-02-20 at 03:38
Huh, Frontwing is going all out at being a 3rd party publisher.

Interestingly, Subahibi isn't the type of eroge that you can just jam onto Steam, or so I've heard.

At the rate they're going, they'll license White Album 2, Aiyoku no Eustia, and Fate/Stay Night.

Jokes aside, Frontwing probably has connections to other eroge companies that the other 3rd parties companies can't even hope to have. I gleefully await the day when they knock Sekai off the competition, though I suspect Nutaku will buy them before that happens with how close they seem to be nowadays. I'm probably just jumping to conclusions though.Last modified on 2017-02-20 at 03:39
#11 by rusanon
2017-02-20 at 04:49
That's certainly very unexpected development, I thought MG would be their storefront.
#12 by kominarachromer
2017-02-20 at 05:28
I do wonder how they're going to distribute it; I think all their other titles are on Steam, so it might go there...?

You could technically take out the ero in SubaHibi. The only instances you probably couldn't would be the sexual harassment scenes in Looking-glass Insects and Kagami's crucifixion. It would definitely be a worse game for it though, so I hope they just go through Nutaku or MG.
#13 by encrypted12345
2017-02-20 at 06:07
@11 @12 I think they said that they plan on making their own storefront. Well, that's not too surprising since they are going full third party publisher.

Seeing how these new publishers influence the industry excites me a bit.
#14 by karmadaemon
2017-02-20 at 14:10
assuming they´re going to make use of what´s been done so far by tlwiki, i didn´t see that coming at all (not after the latter basically bullshitting fw´s capability of doing things right a good while ago), and in case they´re not, well, didn´t see that coming either.Last modified on 2017-02-20 at 14:29
#15 by autocrat
2017-03-03 at 23:53
I look forward to this release. When you play a great work of literature like SubaHibi and have only experienced the first 2 chapters, I don't think you can help but be unsatisfied.

I am looking forward to the release.


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