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#1 by silentrzk
2017-05-07 at 01:50
Okay I finally finished this game(Except that I haven't tried the Sky of the End ending because translation reasons). Well, the game has good story but there are stuff that it's not very clear to me. It might be because of I didn't understand due to no translation, bad writing or plot-hole, or it's totally intentional by just making unexplained stuff as "IT'S ALL SUPERNATURAL THEREFORE NO EXPLANATION LOL".

1. Can someone clarify Yuuki Tomosane and Minakami Yuki's existences on Mamiya Takuji's/Tomosane's body? Maybe I might understand Tomosane's "existence" due to Takuji "stole" Tomosane's body and Tomosane's is like "unconsciously trying to get back" his original body but what about Yuki? Why she's also "possessing" Tomosane's body? I don't think this is Takuji's desired personality given on Jabberwocky 2 but I just don't get it.

2. Who is Otonashi Ayana? Is she really a normal being or what? I might accept it if she's a supernatural being since she can "read minds", appearing and disappearing at will, etc. But really, why she has knowledge on almost, like, everything?

3. Where is this the "new" Minakami Yuki came from? Yeah sure she's totally different from the "old" Minakami Yuki but I just don't get it. Can someone clarify her existence more? Why she can't also see Hasaki too?

4. So there's a "world" rule for the "new" Minakami Yuki(Though I dunno why her) and Takuji that when they're seeing Hasaki, she'll appear as Wakatsuki twins. So on Down the Rabbit Hole and It's my own Invention chapters, on every Wakatsuki(Or Tsukasa at the very least) appearance, that means it's Hasaki? Like for instance, on every Takuji's seeing and arguing against Wakatsuki twins on the classroom, that also means he's talking to Hasaki? How about on the scene of Jabberwocky that when supposedly the "new" Yuki and Wakatsuki twins came home together and when Tomosane came home almost at the same time, he didn't see Hasaki on his way home? And what are the Wakatsuki twins anyway? I don't feel it's explained.

5. So this otaku-personality of Takuji, is this really his personality while he's alive? I was under the impression that the existence of Yuuki Tomosane and Minakami Yuki are based on the real Tomosane and Yuki while they're still alive and on Jabberwocky 2, Takuji is supposedly have a twisted personality and a bully to Hasaki but it seems this is not the case after that "stealing" Tomosane's body. So if ever that otaku personality is not really his actual personality, then where did that kind of personality came from?

6. This might just simply a curiosity but on Looking Glass Insects, after the fight between Kimika and the three thugs, what really happened after that?

7. On Yuuki Tomosane's name, where did his surname come from? Why not Mamiya Tomosane unlike Minakami Yuki is still the same name when she was alive?

I might have some more questions so I'll just post them later if I might remember something that I need to ask. On the stuff that "Takuji's desires" or whatever etc etc, yeah that stuff is always mentioned especially on Jabberwocky but does that really explain EVERYTHING? Like, Takuji has the power to "summon" everything he desires?
#2 by tyrog
2017-05-07 at 08:11
1. Takuji has dissociative personality disorder, a.k.a. multiple personality disorder. Tomosane and Yuki are just different personalities.

2. There are no explicit answers. Feel free to speculate.

3. Again, see 1. Just another personality, engendered at a later time.

4. The twins are Hazaki and her rabbit doll as perceived by some of the personalities. Each personality has its unique way of perceiving the world.

5. This is a complex disease. Each personality is skilled in different areas that the real self has trouble dealing with. His actual personality would be an amalgam of the different aspects yet something somewhat different.

6. Not sure which scene you mean. There was a branch depending on a prior choice. One of the paths leads to Kimika obviously being raped and possibly murdered (she doesn't return to school); in the other she runs away with Zakuro and later starts fighting the bullies in an oh-so-satisfying manner. I'm not sure if that's what you were asking though.

7. There was an explanation of the nuances of Yuki and Yuuki's names at some point, but I don't remember the reasoning. And Mamiya Tomosane is obviously a huge spoiler, so it's out of the question. Remember, Tomosane, Minakami, and Mamiya are really the same person.

Finally, Takuji largely indulges in wishful thinking and daydreaming. He doesn't have any supernatural powers or anything, unless you start some convoluted reasoning. For example, Otonashi Ayana is his omniscient godlike aspect. There you go :)
#3 by tyrog
2017-05-07 at 08:54
Of course, if you buy the premise that Tomosane was really possessed by his brother and Yuki's soul transmigrated into his body after her death, that might put a somewhat different spin on some interpretations, although I don't think it ultimately matters.
#4 by silentrzk
2017-05-07 at 09:15

So far almost everything is explained except Ayana's existence though there's some additional questions after those answers.

As for my question 1: So, after everything Takuji(The real one) did to Tomosane(I dunno what he did because I don't understand it since untranslated), Mamiya Tomosane suffered DPD/MPD? And why he suffered DPD/MPD?

As for my question 6: I'm referring before the Zakuro's public masturbation thing(Towards the Looking Glass Insect's ending/Main story). I doubt she died because if that's the case, she shouldn't appeared post-July 12 on other chapters(Particularly Down the Rabbit Hole and especially It's my own Invention). I don't think she's raped since on her sex scene with Takuji, she said it's her first time(She bled). I just don't get it why she disappeared when she's very necessary for Zakuro after everything.

8. And if Mamiya Tomosane is suffering MPD/DPD, why is he using Takuji's name? (Though I bet it has something to do with Jabberwocky 2 again).

I might add more. >_>

But still, thanks for your answers!Last modified on 2017-05-07 at 09:18
#5 by tyrog
2017-05-07 at 10:11
Their mother was a member of a cult. The real Takuji was her son by the religious leader. He was believed to be the next messiah, but the crazy bastards thought his sister had to die before his godhood could be realized. Takuji tried to kill her; Tomosane and Yuki tried to stop him. As a result, Yuki fell of a cliff and died, protecting Hazaki from serious injuries, while Tomosane ended up stabbing Takuji, who also died, but in his final moments he grabbed his brother's head and tried to "possess" him. Both mother and her remaining son suffered a complete breakdown and the whole MPD thing started.

As for your other question, I may look at it later.
#6 by clowred
2017-09-06 at 08:56
My question in the end would be, what is the true nature of the world they are living in? A hallucination? A metaphysical world? Or in between, a mental hospital?
#7 by chinchalok
2017-10-25 at 19:23
A Dream within a Dream.
#8 by silvercover
2017-12-04 at 08:29
Some of you guys might have to check out the "End Sky II" ending, or really the other ending since it looks like most of you only got the "Wonderful Everyday" ending.

Hill of Sunflowers show that yes, it is very plausible that souls exist and Takuji and Yuki possessed Tomosane.

That's impossible as every other story shows she's still there til the end, and we also see she's still a virgin by the time she does it with Takuji. Most likely they just beat her up and either leave her alone or they get interrupted from raping her like maybe the police shows up.
#9 by maxvdub
2018-01-09 at 10:04
while yuki being an actual possession seems like a possibility, takuji seems less likely. the takuji that inhabits tomosane's body seems to bear very little resemblance to the real takuji that we finally meet in jabberwocky II. the fake takuji is weak, an otaku, and initially believes that his mother was a lunatic who abused him and tried to brainwash him. the real takuji might have been physically weak but he seemed very confident in himself, showed no apparent interest in otaku media, and had no doubts about his mother.

reasons for this discrepancy? if it really is takuji's soul, maybe being in tomosane's body corrupted it or influenced it somehow to better match tomosane's beliefs and perceptions of his brother as a weakling until the trigger of zakuro's death and desk scribblings allowed his true personality to resurface. or maybe when he initially entered tomosane's body his personality was unchanged but with time and distance from his mom he came to recover a bit from the brainwashing but also lose a great deal of confidence in himself.

now that i think about this explanation doesn't seem too different than the explanation for the discrepancy if you assume that the fake takuji is a split personality rather than a soul. except that in this scenario tomosane's brain is running a simulation of what he thought would become of his brother if he were still alive.
#10 by silvercover
2018-01-10 at 12:57
well if we consider how there's two versions of yuki, one that is tomosane's made up and the "real" yuki(or her actual soul if you go by the hill of sunflowers), then maybe the takuji initially is tomosane's made up personality and only until later does the "real" takuji surface.

worth noting that unless zakuro suicides and leads to "takuji" seeing the words on the desk, that personality presumably just fades away instead of taking control.

also you bring up an interesting point, maybe it is possible that due to their 3 souls sharing the same body, all of them got their memories warped to a degree and even their perception to themselves altered.
yuki seemed to not remember anything and was even experiencing the delusions of seeing hasaki and the doll as the twins until later where it seems she knows everything and isn't being delusional. one thing to remember too is that the mom should already be catatonic due to the real takuji's death, so it shouldn't be possible for her to convince tomosane that he was always takuji.


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