English Relese end August

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#1 by inkyp
2017-07-07 at 12:36
Saw this today on link i have been waiting for years on the english version can't belive we gonne have it in one month i am so happy :) just wanted to share this hereLast modified on 2017-07-07 at 12:37
#2 by eacil
2017-07-07 at 13:15
Yeah but the translation is already subject to a controversy while still not even released yet. bou ha ha
#3 by sakurakoi
2017-07-07 at 13:40
well, apparently it's only the first chapter but 30 bucks still...

however the (a single) free 18+ Patch adds the remaining chapters along with the sexual content devoid of mosaic censorship (it does not appear to be mentioned if it will be released alongside it or when).

That's a 1.8 Mind Screw right here. They are literary selling the demo because they can not sell the patch/full version.

I won't really comment on the sudden German half-subtitle choice but at least its actually correct for once since usually the ending of the first word would be wrong, like "Diskontinuierlichen" "Diskontinuierlichem", "Diskontinuierlicher" or "Diskontinuierlich". "Diskontinuierliche" could have been actually also suitable albeit a little weird without a "das" ("the")... don't actually ask me why, it's not like I remember the actual rules remotely (and in that case I might be wrong and "das" is needed to make it grammatically correct), I can just do it because I can with almost if not 100% certainty tell if something does not sound right in that regard.
#4 by eacil
2017-07-07 at 13:59
It's not complicated to understand, it's a matter of visibility. Instead of wasting time butchering the VN to make it fit steam's policy for the sake of gaining buyers, they bypassed it with a patch. You pay 30$, you have the whole VN, that's all.Last modified on 2017-07-07 at 14:00
#5 by encrypted12345
2017-07-07 at 14:38
@2 herkz seems to have a vendetta against Frontwing (he complained while he was translating Grisaia), so I wouldn't put too much weight on his words. Their inhouse team so far seems pretty competent. At least, I haven't heard any TL complaints from the games they have translated.
#6 by silentrzk
2017-07-08 at 15:08
I don't know if I'm understanding this right but...

$30 just for translated chapter one or what?Last modified on 2017-07-08 at 15:08
#7 by cnkx
2017-07-08 at 15:52
I'm not sure how selling incomplete eroge on steam is a good practice? the ones buying visual novels on steam to begin with are mostly the all-ages and nekopara audience. I fail to see the logic behind that decision.

The typical excuse to butcher eroges in order to have them gain more attention pretty much doesn't apply here. What kind of audience are they exactly aiming this to? the +18 audience more than likely never buys VN's on steam and the all-ages audience aren't interested in this.

It's counterproductive IMO, they're selling a product on a platform with the opposite audience of whom the product is aimed at. But hey, I'd rather this over what Sekai does, it's just, it's hard to say if selling a disguised eroge on steam will have any success...Last modified on 2017-07-08 at 15:56
#8 by rusanon
2017-07-08 at 16:27
For 30$ you get chapter 1 and free patch with remaining chapters.
So its 30$ for entire game, just in quite weird way.
#9 by fuukanou
2017-07-08 at 16:48
@7, if not Steam, then where else is the majority of English speaking VN community getting VNs from? Probably a whole bunch of sites (Mangagamer, JAST) will sell the Steam key for it anyway...
#10 by bibahsakit
2017-07-18 at 11:31
$30 for arguably the best VN is the best deal ever. i was expecting higher.
#11 by trickzzter
2017-07-26 at 05:35
@7: Are you implying that only kids buy VNs (and games in general) on Steam? But it's not true. Steam is the biggest distribution platform in the world, and obviously it has much more 18+ customers than any others.Last modified on 2017-07-26 at 05:37
#12 by usagi
2017-08-22 at 09:34
Interesting read link
And yes, release of the game planned at 30.08.Last modified on 2017-08-22 at 09:37


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