[big spoiler] question about jabberwocky

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#1 by sousai
2017-07-10 at 09:17
1.is yuuki tomosane(the one inside takuji) and mamiya tomosane the same dude? do they share memories?

2.kimura said in the end that mamiya tomosane is a virgin but didnt he has sex with hasaki/yuki

3.after mamiya takuji obtain mamiya tomosane's body where did tomosane go? did he become yuuki tomosane?

4.i assume after mamiya takuji send all his followers to the sky he then jump off the rooftop but mamiya hasaki tried to save him and then mamiya tomosane wake up. why did he wake up? what happened?

pls enlighten me i'm dumb thx.
#2 by silentrzk
2017-07-10 at 19:12
1. Yes they're the same person but they don't share memories due to the MPD thing.

2. I believe his discussion with Kimura is the one on Hasaki ending(I forgot its ending name) but I believe the Hasaki h-scene is just a what-if and just for the sake of having hentai scene for Hasaki since on Which Dreamed It, it didn't retell their sex.

3. I believe Mamiya Tomosane = Yuuki Tomosane. It's just Yuuki Tomosane doesn't have/have jumbled memories of being Mamiya Tomosane.

4. Can't answer that question for the mean time until there's translation...
#3 by rackshen
2017-07-14 at 15:12
3. The important thing that you need to note is that Takuji never "obtained" Tomosane's body. It's just that Tomosane, after the death of the real Yuki and realizing he failed to protect Hasaki, went insane (basically a case of PTSD). That is why he projected the real Takuji's last words to be true, and to somehow cope with his traumas, he created those 3 personalities. The Takuji personality gains dominance precisely because Tomosane subconsciously wants to forget all those traumatic events.

4. To answer this question we'll need to examine a bit deeper as to why Tomosane created his 3 personalities. Mamiya Takuji was created to hide all of the traumatic truths that Mamiya Tomosane is not ready to remember yet. Minakami Yuki was created as the perfect human being/personality that will (in the future) fully be in charge of Mamiya Tomosane (he created this personality based on the real Yuki, which is someone he admires and adores more than anyone else). Yuuki Tomosane was created to destroy the Takuji personality and himself when the time is right so that only the Yuki personality will remain to control the body of Mamiya Tomosane. Thus, we come to the end of Jabberwocky II, when Tomosane finally accepts the harsh truths of his past. The Yuki personality realized that Hasaki needs not her - the perfect manifestation, but her real brother, a flawed and broken human being. So she took the role of the Destroyer and brought Takuji down with her. And so only the Tomosane personality remained, and he woke up just as Hasaki caught him. [spoiler]
#4 by silvercover
2017-12-03 at 15:06
Actually if you guys found the other endings, the sunflower hills ending, it seems very likely that souls are a real thing and Takuji and Yuki just go inside Tomosane.

Then there's the end sky II, which basically shows that maybe everything is all just Ayana making things up or we're in some infinite loop(some might be able to escape if things end up differently for characters to get a "Wonderful Everyday" like with Zakuro's ending) with only Ayana being aware.


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