Zakuro english speech..

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#1 by playcool92
2017-08-31 at 20:37
Guys I just started to play the Subahiki (so -> Down the Rabbit-Hole I), and just reached the 2nd day (July 13).
On the end of july 12, Zakuro decides to be smart and the screen goes dark while she says something on "engrish", which I couldnt quite catch, and there no text for it either... anyone knows what she said? (I fear it will be relevant later on)
#2 by tamakisakura
2017-08-31 at 22:18
It's a quote from Through the Looking Glass. This thread explains it.
#3 by playcool92
2017-09-01 at 21:52
Thank you, that said I remain confused. This VN can be so complex with its dialogue and philosophy..


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