Translation for the full version of the OP song?

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#1 by tsubasa87
2017-11-16 at 16:22
So I looked around the internet for the translation of the full version of the OP, "Kuuki Rikigaku Shoujo to Shounen no Uta" but no luck so far. Would someone be kind enough to translate the full song for me? Ty in advance.
#2 by tyrog
2017-11-16 at 22:04
Here you go:



天使の科学 空気力学
屋上の塀に立ち 見下ろす世界は
消えてなくなる 言葉に溢れてる
さぁ飛び出せ 羽ばたけ
私の翼よ 今

神様の声 空気力学
ギリギリの場所に立ち 見上げる世界で
生まれた言葉 空を埋め尽くすよ
さぁ 吐きだせ 世界を造り直すんだ

空の青 水に変わり
溺れる人々 世界で沈み

私は輝く翼で 水を掻き分けて 行くんだ
飛ぶんだ 沈んだ世界を 今

少女の夢は 空気力学
好きな人 そばに立ち 見つめていたいの
言葉少なく 空気のようにただ
さぁ吐きだす 勇気を

好きという言葉 だから今だけは
空気力学少女と少年の詩を 聞かせて

再生の象徴の魚 消滅をつかさどる鳥たち
わたしの空気力学 飛ぶんだ ただひたすらにね
きっと届くはずさ 今

The Song of the Aerodynamic Girl and Boy

The science of angels is aerodynamics
As I stand on the roof's fence and look down
The world disappears... I can't hold in the words
Come, fly out, flap
My wings... Now!

The voice of God is aerodynamic
As I stand on the verge and look up
The words borne by the world fill up the sky
Come, breathe out, we'll forge the world anew

The blue sky turns to water
And the drowning people sink into the world

With radiant wings I push through the water
With the power to reach you I head for
The flying, sinking world... Now!

A girl's dream is aerodynamic
I wish to stand gazing at the loved one by my side
With barely a word, just like the air
Come, summon up your courage and speak out

The words "I love you"... Just this once
Let me hear the song of the aerodynamic girl and boy

The fish symbolizing rebirth... the birds presiding over extinction
My aerodynamics... just flying intently forward
We'll doubtlessly arrive... Now!Last modified on 2017-11-16 at 22:07
#3 by tsubasa87
2017-11-17 at 02:07
Thank you very much!


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