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t9959.852018-10-28Design draftingIn regards to the long VN Titles, you could create a work around by using the max-width property on the card, using Igawa Asagi's page to experiment
t9959.782018-08-27Design draftingI'd just like to point out that the Database API page is looking a bit funky without styling for the tables, but more importantly it doesn't site
t8496.112018-08-06A C# Library for the APIThank you very much for doing this. A few things though: "Released" filter should have "GreaterOrEqual", "LessOrEqual", "GreaterThan" and "LessThan
t9959.632018-06-15Design draftingNote: This post is entirely my opinion, feel free to discard it....or argue it ;D Note: Wall of text ahoy! My first idea for that was that you'd
t3599.2032018-05-13Some love for the APIOn the API Documentation page, it states.... Design overview TCP-based, all communication between the client and the server is done using one TCP
t3599.2012018-05-12Some love for the APIIt appears when you log in via the API, the username must be transformed to lowercase before being sent... Can this be confirmed? And if so, could
t3599.1972018-01-23Some love for the APIConsidering the unlikelyhood that someone will use this method to extract a password from some obscure website before the user's systems are patched
t3599.1932018-01-20Some love for the APIWith spectre and meltdown, that memory can now be read from anywhere, even your browser, if they are not patched...and are we really going to rely on
t3599.1912018-01-20Some love for the APII would like to request an additional login method that permits sending the password that is encrypted via a public/private key pair. My primary
t3599.1802017-08-05Some love for the APISadly my library only checked for decimals when running through a converter, so when a full integer was given it became a bit awkward. (Anyone want
t3599.1782017-08-05Some love for the APIThe documentation states for the throttled error... throttled: You have used too many server resources within a short time, and need to wait a bit
t3599.1762017-06-23Some love for the APIDocumentation for "get release" says the field is "animated" while the release logs (and actual response) is "animation" o.o
t9213.12017-05-21Vndb Discord ServerIt would be pretty cool if there was a discord server for members of vndb to talk about what VNs they are playing, whats coming out, etc, etc
t3599.1612017-01-16Some love for the APII don't see any answer in regards to this on the Database Dumps page, nor a quick search for "dump" in this thread revealing anything. I see in the
t8496.82017-01-09A C# Library for the APIThanks to the wonderful work of Micah686, the API should now support all get methods. It should also have most, if not all Filters now as well
t8496.72017-01-06A C# Library for the APIWould there be a way to have a default for the filters, so you wouldn't have to specify the filter type each time you ran a command. So by default it
t8496.52016-11-30A C# Library for the APIThe VndbSharp API looks pretty neat. The type-safe abstractions to access commands and all filters are great.In regards to the reading portion of the
t8496.32016-11-29A C# Library for the APIThe VndbClient just provides you with a way to connect and issue commands (From my understanding after a brief look of it), while VndbSharp attempts
t8496.12016-11-29A C# Library for the APINot sure how welcome this will be, but due to a personal project which i wanted to utilize the search functionality of VNDB of, i started the process