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c35189.72018-11-16 at 17:00mikuxdriftErika Murasakiside character. not main
c14899.122018-11-13 at 22:35mikuxdriftLuce Yami Astaritesome little fix. (following the original JP one which somehow MG butchered in the English demo and was reverted back on its final release)
v24351.122018-11-13 at 11:55mikuxdriftD.C.4 ~Da Capo 4~+3 staff
s17508.12018-11-13 at 11:51mikuxdriftManpukuteihakumainew staff. + link link note: name in katakana is マンプクテイハクマイ which also in romaji is ManpukuteiHakumai. but seeing the twitter profile pic. it was
c77100.22018-11-13 at 11:19mikuxdriftKaede Shizumorioh god... i forgot this one...