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v17376.382018-12-29 at 09:21mikuxdriftWatashi ga Suki nara "Suki" tte Itte!+6 seiyuu's from ED credits. sidenote: should we also add v15077 relations as same setting as d2#5 suggests? ( looking for recommendations
c78597.12018-12-29 at 09:03mikuxdriftTakashima Kiyohikonew char.link
c78596.12018-12-29 at 08:54mikuxdriftGoshogawara Go-kinew char. name and its "official" romaji reading from site: link (but other reading is Gouki) -alias is from MG's translation.
c78336.42018-12-29 at 08:40mikuxdriftMutsu Aoiimage change to sprite. -additional bio info from JP site: link
c78421.22018-12-28 at 05:30mikuxdriftTsugaru Shigeo+2 traits (1 from Yuuki's route [\spoiler] ) -image change to sprite. -aliases: Manager is from MG's translation while master is from the JP one