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v4379.52011-04-13 at 00:40multi1st Teen Story: Lollipop LoveReverse relation update caused by revision v6979.2
v4379.42010-07-25 at 14:37atlantima1st Teen Story: Lollipop Lovescreenshots
v4379.32010-07-25 at 14:23atlantima1st Teen Story: Lollipop LoveFull title, renai.us link
v4379.22010-06-16 at 11:11yorhelLollipop LoveCleaning up.
v4379.12010-06-16 at 06:38nyu1st Teen Story: Lollipop LoveYou will be playing as a 16 years old vietnamese girl who never had a boyfriend. But this year...she'll have 3 choices... visit homepage : www.nyu